Let Me Go Mr Hill

Chapter 2707

Chapter 2707

After lawyer Long left, Chester immediately called Shaun and asked, “Did Catherine sell the Neeson Corporation to Eliza?”

“Huh?” Shaun was taken aback “It was eventually sold to Eliza.”

Chester observed, “Shaun, your family status is not good. What do you think?”

Shaun exhaled a sigh, “You are aware that I am the lowest.”

“How come Catherine sold it to Eliza?” Chester was very curious.

“It could be because Eliza and Charity are close friends. Catherine is usually very busy, and he is in charge of several companies that he cannot manage. It is preferable to sell it.” Shaun guessed.

why Catherine was there in the morning. He wouldn’t say anything if Catherine sold

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later.” Chester hung up the phone, looked up. It was Cindy who dressed in a long white gown and entered the room carrying a

Chester.” Cindy gently brushed her hair around her ear and said, “Auntie said that you have recently become excessively tired and have lost a significant amount of weight so, she made up

she opened the insulation box and

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been able to receive any dramas and commercials recently, and even the songs I sang have been removed from

in front of him, and

Jewell Corporation’s shareholder. Not to mention that the former Eliza was

hand, Cindy said, “I don’t know how to work hard, let alone find ways to benefit from

felt a deep conflict in his heart as he remembered

transfer 1 million dollars and two months’ worth of expenses.” Chester

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