Let Me Go Mr Hill

Chapter 2708

Chapter 2708

Chester put the cigarette on the banquet and flicked it, smiled and said, “Since we don’t need to talk about money. Then you shouldn’t ask me for money. Look, I treat you as a Friend. For the sake of a friend, my mother is sick, so it’s just a trivial matter for you to lose blood.”


Cindy suddenly choked. After a while, she said, “Blood transfusion is not a simple procedure, and my blood is relatively rare. You mother will definitely die if I don’t give blood. The doctor also stated that the time between two blood transfusions should be six months.”

“So what?”

“I want the safest way to transfuse blood and I want to be nice to you and give you money. Cindy, are you a cow or a whale which has four Stomach! so greedy.” Chester said, tilting his head slightly.

“You misunderstood me. All I wanted to do was start my own business.” Cindy expressed her excitement.

“How about you ask me how much I spent on you?” Chester stated: “There must be hundreds of millions. I donated a building to the school before you became famous for your comeback. I also found the best team to support you, because you did not deserve that fate. You’re coming from a small town. Now in the largest first-tier city in Australia and I have given a house, a villa, and a few luxury cars under my name, but now you say me that you want to start a business but can’t even get even three million?”

dollars in the entertainment industry. even if I give you the money, you can

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most about you. If you want money, simply state that you will not be a watchman or construct an

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bit her lower lip in shame. She still has money, but no prospects. She simply wishes to increase her

father for money in the future. His wife is my mother. I’ve been donating money for a few

blood transfusion, and my mother also has money, so don’t

has always acted considerately in front of Chester’s father, Mr. Jewell and Chester’s mother, Mrs. Jewell. How will they treat her if she ask for money, and how will

“Chester, I….”

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