Lie To Me

Chapter 46: 46

Afternoon came. The mini concert will start at five in the afternoon, I arrived thirty minutes before five. I parked my car near the exit and looked for Elijah.

I already texted him that I'm already at the venue's premises and he replied that he's standing near the entrance.

I walked to where he is.

It wasn't hard to search for him. Apparently, this guy is tall enough to easily find him even in the most crowded place.

Okay. I got exaggerated there.

But still, he's really tall. My 5'3 height suddenly felt shy.

I was walking my way to his spot. He hadn't seen me and he's busy with his phone. I was guessing that he was texting until my phone vibrated.

It was a text message from him.

[Want me to go to you instead?] He texted.

[Nope. I'm almost there.] I replied.

I saw him lifted his head and look for me. At bilang mapang-asar, I tried to head behind those who's walking ahead of me.

smiling like idiot as I was approaching to

jumping in

eyes widened

and shook

inside?" I

He was just looking

to stare at me the whole concert time?" I

only he

surprised to see you dressed like that," he

I rolled my eyes.

dressed below the knee and long sleeves. That me, wearing skirt that above my knee of half

not what you are think, alright?" I said,

of him

complements but I don't want you to think that I'm pervert," he said, walking beside

"Keep to yourself then. I'm not really up for

before going inside. I even teased him

prepared," he just said

concert venue. It was an open space without

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