Lie To Me

Chapter 48: 48

I didn't comment to his remarks and instead, I turned my back and get in to my car. Laughingly, he followed me.

I drove him to where his care was parked and after that, we convoyed to the nearest 7/11.

Inside, we bought two cup noodles, donuts, two cans of beer and some other snacks that I don't think we can eat.

"These will kill our kidneys," he said.

I shrugged. "I didn't ask you to buy whatever I will be buying. Gaya-gaya ka lang," I said.

"Because, I don't have any idea which I will buy," he answered.

I arched my brow. "I thought you ate here?" I asked, staring at him judgmentally.

do! But not these. I like their ready-to-eat food," he answered defensively. "Though, their giniling

I couldn't disagree though.

kasi. Nakakainis naman talaga 'yung giniling nila. Parang ayaw mag

we bought and I can see

no?" He asked out of the

simplest things.

take note

snorted. "Epal mo,"

you earlier. It would definitely fun. I mean, you are so fun

a clown?" I asked, arching

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