Lie To Me

Chapter 56: 55

Dating Elijah is so...amazing.

He was so good that I always want him beside me, kissing me.

We are already dating for five months already and so far, things are going smoothly. I love how attentive and understanding he is always with everything I say.

He was like, taking a note inside his head.

I had I formally introduced him to Hanzel as my boyfriend and that man, he just shrugged and said, 'good luck' to my boyfriend as if I was not a good girlfriend.


And Reysa, that girl was so dramatic to the point he asked Elijah when he is planning to marry me!


Why did you give me friends that are crazy.

seriously. I would probably faint if

and Maxine, the two were so happy that

Ang kukulit lang.

thankful for having them as my friends and

said, showing me the design for

be using for that. And all through my explanation, he was just staring at me with the side of his lips curved

my eyes automatically

us, thinking if there were other people

will hear us

since we have done 'that', Elijah becomes extra sweet and touchy. We would always call me 'baby' and hold my hand

he looks so serious and strict that you will thought he is someone who

boyfriend is such

we are still in our work

I missed you," he said giving my hand

missed him but of course, I won't tell

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