Lock You In My Heart

Lock You In My Heart

Authors:B. Madron
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Neil was saddened to see his efforts go to waste and remembered Miley telling him to do his very best to make sure that Westley and Gabrielle got along. "Westley and Gabrielle will need to deepen their relationship quickly. Do what you can to help them cultivate their relationship."

Neil worried.

"Oh, he had something urgent to come up just now. I guess he had to deal with it and it seems that someone asked him to go out immediately," Gabrielle replied nonchalantly. "Neil, do you know who Holly is?" Gabrielle looked at Neil apprehensively.

'Why would a woman call Westley to go out in the middle of the night? And, why would he hurry to her? She must be someone that's very important to Westley.'

Gabrielle was reminded of the beautiful woman at the restaurant while they had dinner the other night.

Westley had never been pictured with another woman in the media since no one dared to make any reports of him dating different women. But, Gabrielle was uncertain whether Westley was as straight and narrow as he may have seemed.


"Holly?" Neil looked seriously at Gabrielle and frowned.

"Holly is an heir and socialite from the Edwards. She is also the cousin of Nellie. From what I know, Holly is a good friend of Mr. Morris," Neil explained to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle heard of Holly before and knew that she was Nellie's cousin and a friend of Westley's. But, that still didn't make it appropriate for her to call Westley up in the middle of the night. 'Did something serious happen?' Gabrielle wondered.

'Forget about it. It's Westley's affairs, and I shouldn't meddle in it.'

"It's late, Neil. You should head to bed and get some rest. I'll drink this cup of coffee instead," Gabrielle said as she started towards the guest quarters. With the cup of coffee in hand, Gabrielle walked up, lost in her thoughts.

The next morning, Gabrielle woke up feeling tired and groggy. She didn't sleep well at all because of the big cup of coffee she drank before going to bed. She also couldn't close her eyes without thinking about everything that happened the night before. When she did finally fall asleep, her rest was plagued by nightmares of Westley holding another woman.

When Gabrielle finally opened her eyes, she looked out of the window and found that it was already dawn. She rolled over thinking about the dream she just had and felt herself in a trance.

After quickly brushing her teeth, Gabrielle went downstairs to find Neil preparing breakfast.

"Good morning, Neil."

"Miss Jones, why are you up so early? You had a late night, so you should be resting some more."

"I feel fine. By the way, did Westley return at all last night?" Gabrielle asked hesitantly.


"I'm afraid Mr. Morris did not return last night, but he did call this morning. He informed me that Holly had sprained her ankle last night and he stayed at the hospital with her the entire night," Neil reported honestly.


Gabrielle felt a slight twist in her heart as the feeling of mixed emotions tapped at her heart.

"Miss Jnes... Don't worry, Mr. Morris and Holly are just friends..." Neil tried to explain after seeing Gabrielle's somber face.

"You won't need to explain anything to me, Neil. This is Mr. Morris' private affairs and he and I have made a deal that we would not interfere with each other's lives." Gabrielle's lips twitched, trying to put on a happy face. 'More importantly, I don't have the ability to interfere with Westley's private affairs, ' Gabrielle thought to herself.

After hearing what Gabrielle said, Neil did not broach the subject any more.

Helena was Holly's cousin. When Westley dated Helena, she had introduced her to Westley. So, naturally Westley became a good friend of Holly's as well.

However, Holly never saw Westley as a good friend. She always wanted more.

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