Love After One-night Stand with CEO

Chapter 58: I Will Ruin That Slt

Early on Sunday morning, Andy came and explain why he didn't chase after her that night.

He also explained that his phone was confiscated by his parents and he couldn't make a call.

Rosa understood this and was not angry.

She knew that there must be a reason.

However, she was a little confused about their relationship.

His mother seemed to be very... against her!

The sarcastic words of Andy's mother appeared in her mind again.

For a moment, she was clueless.

Would she really be able to continue this relationship?

"Rosa, don't worry. Although my mother is a little snobbish, she does not have any bad intentions. She will definitely see the good in you." Andy said quickly.

Rosa forced a smile and said, "It's fine. She means well!"

Seeing the disappointment in her expression, Andy said with certainty, "Rosa, rest assured. I will fix your relationship with my mother. Can you trust me?"


Andy immediately hugged her tightly.

Unaware to him, Rosa's let out a confused expression.

"Rosa, you'll have to put up with it for the time being. Our relationship was sudden news to them, so they are a bit sensitive about it now. If we were to be together in public they might have an even worse impression of you. Don't worry, I will figure out a way soon!"

"Okay, I understand!"

Andy caressed her face and said, "Don't worry, Rosa. This situation won't last for long. I'll head back and convince them."

"No need to worry about me. Hurry and go back!" Rosa forced a smile and pushed him to the door.

Seeing this, Andy bent down and kissed her on the forehead.

"I'll head back now!"


Andy kept looking back as he walked away, but he left eventually.

After seeing him entering the elevator, Rosa turned around and closed the door.

Her expression instantly became sad.

"Cecil, come eat." Rosa finished cooking and put the dishes on the table.

"Sister, you eat first. I still have a thousand words left." Cecil was inspired and had no time to eat.

Rosa sat down and picked up her mobile phone. She wanted to call Miranda to ask about her situation.

But suddenly, someone texted her.

It came from an unknown number.

It was an image.

Rosa was stunned when she zoomed in the picture.

The picture showed a gorgeous couple eating. 

She knew the couple.

was Andy and

the two

this moment, Rosa was

later, the strange number sent

you think Andy will fall in love

hand that was holding

knew who sent

she did not understand was why Mr. Wright and

he say this morning that he was going back to convince his parents?"

are not as good as you think they

sent a text message.

she put the phone aside and remained


Mr. Wright...


a perfect match. They should be together

frowned and grabbed her head in frustration.

She pulled her hair.

So frustrating!

on the outside,

love, her first ever

such a scene, she would also

beep beep!" Her phone

and saw that

calm down and answered the phone. "Hello,

come eat!" Miranda's voice was

worriedly, "What's wrong?

Rosa, come, come eat... I, I am..." Miranda muttered an address to

you stay there. I'll be

muffled sound, so she

out. Miranda is looking for me." Rosa

Cecil continued typing and

the table!" Rosa said

at the

had already

the glass in her hand, she could

it's Rosa... You're here. Come, drink with me. Hey, where

beside her and helped her

wrong with

at her and pouted. "Nothing,

like this. What happened?"

Rosa and grinned.

Rosa frowned.

how to answer

become bad if they weren't



having an affair..."

and looked

you overthinking? Uh... Mr. Garcia

broke away from her and said angrily, "Yes, my dad doesn't look like the type to do it, but I found some clues.

at Miranda who was depressed and said, "Miranda, this may be just a misunderstanding. Are

you think I am? Would I say something if I was uncertain? You know, my father bought a 50,000 dollar bag two days

hurriedly comforted her, "Could it

anyone give their customer a bag with condoms in

she drank a mouthful

stop drinking!" Rosa hurried and

that sl*t. How despicable! How could my father treat my mother like this? My mother had always been working hard for his company. And yet he finds a mistress!" Miranda was in pain. Then she

deal. Mrs. Garcia is still handling some matters abroad and will come back soon. Why don't you discuss it with Mr. Garcia first?


I don't know. But if I

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