Love in Prime Years

Chapter11 Chop off her hand

Amelia just got beat up when Lillian came. Now she was crawling on the floor with messy blood all over her body.

Lillian was very satisfied with her messy look. She looked down at Amelia disdainfully, “Amelia, how did you like this lesson Lawrence gave you?”

Hearing this, Amelia’s numbing heart started aching again uncontrollably. Yes. He was the one who gave her this pain.

It may be a good thing?

Though not getting any responses from her, Lillian did not get upset, but just squatted down in front of Amelia and smirked, “But Lawrence said the pain is not even enough to punish you.”

While speaking, Lillian took over a knife from a guard at the side.

Seeing that sharp knife, no matter how calm Amelia was, she still got startled uncontrollably.

“Lillian, what are you doing?”

question. It’s not what I want to do. It’s what Lawrence wants to do! He wanted me

shook her head, “I don’t believe that

prison and got people to beat her up, she would

waved the knife, “but he said your hands were too dirty. Such a pair of evil hands deserved to be chopped off!”

then coldly ordered the guard nearby, “Hold

indult. However, no matter how hard she was struggling, she was too weak compared to the


Let me go! The one who killed was Lillian! She killed my grandma, and she is going to kill Dorothy. Why are you chopping

stretched the tone slowly, “Lawrence loves

threw the knife at Amelia

got to Amelia’s hands, Lawrence kicked

Lillian was shocked. She did not

tear up, “Lawrence, please don’t think I am an evil woman. I am just

want to get your hand dirty!” Lawrence picked up the knife,

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