Love in Prime Years

Chapter13 It would be good if I die

“No! Lawrence, I am not going to sign, unless you give me one million dollars!”

Getting one million dollars from Lawrence was the best way to save Leigh, so she was not signing this form.

However, Lawrence was so strong that she was still forced to sign on the paper in the end, no matter how hard she fought back.

Plus, she even gave a hand print on it.

Seeing the two forms put in the file bag by Lawrence, Amelia lost all her strength in a second.

Lawrence was her true love in this life. No matter how he tortured her, she still loved him.

She thought when she got buried after one month, it would show her as his wife on the tomb. However, she no longer had anything to do with him now.

She helplessly leaned on the bed with tears all over her face.

“Lawrence, please, could you please give me one million dollars? I know you hate me, but just for our past relationship, could you please give me one million dollars?”

soon accomplished too. I beg you to give me one million dollars to save

Cancer? Terminal gastric cancer?

frowning. The word “die” seemed

at this woman. She looked pale, tired and

he denied this thought. She had always been healthy. How

him. She was good

great if you die!” Lawrence mockingly

be lonely in the

dropping this sentence, Lawrence turned around without any hesitance,

slammed shut, Amelia finally pulled her thoughts

would be lonely in

obsessed with him, all she got was that one sentence, “It would be great if you

heart might not be any


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