Love in Prime Years

Chapter26 You Are So Sick

Seeing Amelia gasped with pain, Jimmy smiled evilly. He leaned over and pressed his blood-red lips pressed against hers.

"Jimmy, get out!"

Amelia felt sick and wanted to vomit. In this world, there would never be a person like Jimmy who could make her feel extremely disgusting. He was even more disgusting than snakes and flies.

She just wanted to raise her hand and slap him hard, but he suddenly grabbed her injured left hand and held it almost rudely.

The severe pain quickly spread to the whole body through Amelia's severed finger. It was so painful that she could not keep her right hand raised.

"Amelia, how do you feel? Is it particularly refreshing to feel both painful and happy?" Seeing bright red blood seeping out of Amelia's white gloves, Jimmy smiled with satisfaction. He grabbed her left hand harder and humiliated her severely.

"Fuck off! Let me go!" Amelia stiffened with pain. She really wanted to slash the man in front of her, but she didn't even have the strength to struggle now.

"Jimmy, what good mood you are in!" A cool and faint voice sounded in the air, and Amelia's fading mind suddenly resumed senses.

She felt she was really unlucky to go out today, for she not only ran into the demon Jimmy, but also Lawrence.

Hearing Lawrence's voice, Jimmy left Amelia's lips. He uninhibitedly and lazily hugged her in his arms, "Lawrence, what a coincidence! As you can see, I came to Variety Club to find a prostitute!"

Jimmy squeezed Amelia's chin frivolously. She wanted to avoid it, but he was too strong. Even if she dodged, she could not escape his restraint.

He squeezed Amelia's face, and faced Lawrence, "I have fucked her many times, and it feels okay. Would you like to have a try?"

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had beautiful features. Even if there were injuries on her face, she was still charming and pretty.

don't worry. I'm not interested in this lady! The women

dates so many men." Lillian said with a

Jimmy just now, she was disgusting enough. Looking at Lillian's hypocrisy, she felt more nauseous.

out, Lillian couldn't wait to sabotage her again. She stepped forward and grabbed her hand affectionately, as

still want to persuade

Amelia stared at Lillian, and suddenly couldn't

are really phony! You pretend to

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her face and looked at Lawrence timidly, "Lawrence, I'm sorry. I didn't intentionally make Amelia angry. Amelia seemed to

his arms, and his expression was full of spoiling, "Lillian, I don't allow you to belittle yourself like

The purest girl...

Maybe even Lillian and Jimmy could not count how many times they have made love, so Lawrence really had

defence of her. But seeing that he

and hugged Amelia with an evil smile, "Amelia, don't vomit! I haven't got you pregnant

say you are a prostitute. Don't be angry. I just made a joke with Lawrence! You are so beautiful, and I can't be willing to give you to

When you are pregnant again, I will marry you. At that time, I will also take Leigh to the Moss family, so you

was so angry that she wanted to tear up Jimmy's stinky mouth. Lawrence didn't want to admit

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