Love in Prime Years

Chapter30 We Can't Go Back

Lawrence's eyes were really red, as if he hadn't slept all night or he was walking from hell in blood, shedding blood like water into the world.

Feeling the heavy cruelty and murderous aura from him, Amelia couldn't help taking a step back.

She subconsciously hid her tightly wrapped left hand behind her, "Lawrence, why are you here?"

"Amelia, are you with Arthur? You can't wait to seduce a man you have just met. Amelia, why the fuck are you so cheap? "

After listening to Lawrence's words, Amelia found it ridiculous. It turned out he came to Willow Alley early in the morning to scold her for being cheap!

"Lawrence, no, I should call you Mr Dominic."

"Mr Dominic, I told you we are no longer related. It's none of your business who I am with! Besides, Arthur and I are just friends! "

Mr Dominic... Lawrence was already angry. He was even more irritated when she heard her call him Mr Dominic on purpose.

Just now he saw from the window that Arthur had sent her back, and they were still reluctant to part with each other. In other words, they had been together since they left the chamber last night.

What would happen if a single man and a single woman stayed inseparable overnight?

Lawrence's eyes were scarlet. He stayed here last night and waited all night, but she was with another man again!

"Mr Dominic, if there is nothing wrong with you, please go back! You block the way, and I can't open the door. "

After thinking for a while, Amelia continued, "Mr Dominic, I know this is your house. Don't worry, I will move out in half a month!"

After saying this, Amelia didn't bother to pay attention to Lawrence, and took out the key to open the door.

way to draw a clear line from Lawrence was to find another house. But now, money was too important for her, and she didn't want to spend more money.

could last for half a month. At that time, she must have

house or Jimmy's? Amelia, are you fucking addicted to being

to move to another man's house. Maybe the

her lips casually, "Yes, I'm

"Amelia, how dare you?"

the door open. She hadn't recovered, and he

don't you like being a prostitute? Okay! I will

lips still kept an upward arc. However, no matter how brilliant she smiled, there was no trace of happiness on her face but


you say it

said, I don't want to have sex with

was completely irritated by Amelia's words. Like countless times in the past, he had sex with her fiercely, cruelly like a demon. Amelia was painful in her hands, stomach and heart.

her tightly. She felt as if she had fallen into a net full of needles, and she was even painful

going to die. But she told herself again that she had to live. She hadn't accumulated one million dollars required to

hate Lawrence. She loved him, and did not ask for anything in return, or care about her future, life or death. But she also didn't want to be trampled by him!

but in the end we could only hurt each other! Lawrence, we couldn't go back anymore.

her go, she was so painful that she could not get up from the ground. She didn't know what was going on with her hand. Such

and curled up in the corner embarrassedly. Now, her consciousness had been completely chaotic. She just thought she didn't want Lawrence


Seeing Amelia motionless in the corner, Lawrence became irritable to the extreme.

back to him, he was angry. Now, seeing her half-dead look, he

her face, only to find that

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