Love in Prime Years

Chapter 41Torture Made Her Desperate

Amelia showed herself a wry smile, as Lawrence choked her again.

Amelia closed her eyes wearily, and then opened slowly. She really didn’t have the strength to deal with Lawrence. She even did not want to have a meal now. She just wanted to take Leigh back and have a good sleep on the bed.

“Answer me!” Lawrence’s eyes were scarlet like a flesh-eating beast, as if he would swallow Amelia alive if she could not give him a satisfactory answer.

“Amelia, the bastard is the son of Jimmy or Arthur?”

Lawrence’s hands trembled because of great anger. The popped veins on his hands made him look even more violent and brutal.

Lawrence believed that Leigh was the son of Jimmy before. But tonight he heard Arthur say Leigh was Arthur’s son. Thinking of the similar face of Leigh and Arthur, Lawrence was not sure who the father of Leigh was.

Thinking that Amelia not only hooked up with Jimmy, but also Arthur and even other men four years ago, Lawrence was so angry that he almost wanted to tear Amelia into pieces.

Jimmy? Arthur? Amelia felt it was so ironic and ridiculous for Lawrence to ask such a question. He believed that Leigh was the son of others’ but not his.

How ridiculous it was!

“Mr Dominic, since you don’t even know Leigh, it has nothing to do with you who his father is!”

The indifference of Amelia annoyed Lawrence so much.

He clenched his hands, “Amelia, the bastard looks Arthur. Is he the son of Arthur?”

It really hurt when Amelia was choked by Lawrence for the first time. But she was numb now because of the frequent pain.

Even though she was strangled by him so hard and she could not even make a sound, Amelia did not feel the pain.

tired that she didn’t even bother to move. In fact, she did not know

She just rolled her eyes lazily and

are divorced, and you have nothing to

myself before, but now

are everything to me; when

you anymore. So, you are nothing to

you dare

opened her mouth not to suffocate herself. She gasped and wore the

was strangled by Lawrence and was embarrassed, she showed a kind of weary alienation

I said, you are nothing to me! So, don’t

lead our own life.

Lawrence suddenly kicked the door open. Then a man put up his pants trembling and dared not

one in the restroom, Lawrence dragged

weak to resist. By the time

a click, Lawrence locked

Dominic, let me out!"

She tried to open the door of the restroom, but before

subconsciously to relieve the pain in her body, but it didn’t work. Moreover, she did not know what was wrong with her body.

on her forehead. It hurt so much that she

just murmured, “Mr Dominic, please... let me out, I...

wanted to go for him. But before she finished her words, she felt a pain from her stomach, and she

wanted to go for

pressed her shoulder rudely, “Amelia, you

so long time, Amelia was clear what he would do next. She struggled

her, her clothes would not be clean and tidy. If he really had sex with her here, leaving her embarrassed, how could she

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