Love in Prime Years

Chapter 15 Sent Amelia to Other Men

Amelia thought Lawrence threw her on the bed to rape her, but surprisingly, he took her to Variety Club. In one room, there were several middle-aged men.

These men were all frequent guests in the Variety Club. Though they had many women, a beauty like Amelia was still a surprise.

Seeing her beautiful face, these men’s eyes glowed like wolves.

Amelia’s stomach hurt like it was torn up. She was not in the mood of dealing with these men.

She struggled to rush out of the room holding onto the wall.

“Amelia, you can rush out if you want to! But as long as you get out of here, I will make sure your son will die tonight.”

Under this intimidation, Amelia’s legs froze in place immediately. He could always threaten her accurately, taking away all her chances to fight back.

continued to make her drink wine. Though her stomach was already in a horrible shape, she tried to bear the

got more and more presumptuous. Apparently, they could not wait to bring

sneered. This fake smile made him

slut. Do

Lawrence’s girl at first, but now they could

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“sweet” for getting her so many disgusting

her and just stared at this man who was turning more and more indifferent with empty eyes. He still looked the same as four years

face the truth, but now she had to. He was no

Lawrence who spoiled her unconditionally already died

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him. She even got four miserable

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