Love Together, Be With You Never

Chapter 139 I Got imprisoned by Marlon--Part Three

Impossible! Today his every expression, every word and every movement were always something he wouldn't do.

The reason was that Marlon, president of the Marlon Group, was a god!

"Marlon, did you fall in love with me?" I asked word by word.

Actually it was all settled. Because my love had already been depleted and there was no any place in my heart for him.

However, I was just dying to ask him.

Did he eventually fall in love with me?

He fondled my face, my eyes and my lips, staring at me, "Rachael, it was you that wanted to love me, so you cannot stop until you die."

I looked at him and laughed. Indeed, someone would only give you disappointment.

"No need to wait till I die. I don't love you anymore, and will not again!" When I spoke out the word, everything seemed to come to an end.

The old day had been gone when there was excitement, sleeplessness and prayer all night. I said, "There is no way we get back together!"

However, he smiled at me and fondled my face again, "Hey, listen to me. Don't make me angry. Okay?"

"Marlon! It is my big day! Let me go! Or Kieran will kill you!" I looked at him with cold eyes.

He seemed to have not heard me and threw the thin quilt over me, "Be good. Sleep for a while and I will be right back. Then we'll have dinner together."

I shouted angrily, but he

only me alone. I shouted, "Let


let me go! Have you heard

of my eyes and I stopped shouting. Looking at the ceiling lamp

he didn't tell me

are you crying

him. And, I wouldn't stay with him in the

dared hope to have his child. But now, though the dream had come true, I had never expected such a terrible

what my expectation was, from now on, my future and my baby's future would have nothing

would rather marry any other man than

become so desperate that I wouldn't

sky outside. I didn't know how long I had slept after he knocked me unconscious, but as the sun was high in the sky, it wouldn't be so long. I

be so long, it would take at least one and a half hours to two hours to get here from the hotel.

It would be terrible if he did think so. Like a demon, Kieran would do anything.

was attached tight

Calmed down, Rachael!

and looked around. Unfortunately, there was nothing which could help me escape, and besides, I couldn't

even more noble than the god. Therefore, there must be

didn't like to invite these people, as our engagement was together with Alicia's, according to her nature, she

was afraid that Kieran might kill me if

do nothing but to bite down. At

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