Love Together, Be With You Never

Chapter 140 Escape by Pretending to Love Him

"Call me Marlon!" he said strongly.

I took a deep breath and shouted, "Marlon, I am cold. Could you please give me clothes?" Then I squeezed out a smile.

He took off his suit and covered me with it. It was so disgusting that the suit was what he wore to engage with Alicia, but I had to bear it.

It was better than nothing, wasn't it?

Rachael, held on! I had experienced so many tragedies, so was there anything which couldn't be overcome? Moreover, nothing could hurt me now that I didn't love him anymore.

Picking up the bowl, I forced myself to eat though I had no appetite. Because I knew he wouldn't stop until he reached his goal. As he had placed the meal here, if I didn't enjoy it, it would be a disobedience to him.

I forced myself to take a few bites and tried to figure out how to say. Marlon was not an idiot, but to the contrary, he was one of the wisest people in the world.

"You liked watching me when you were eating," said Marlon.

I turned my head and saw him looking straight at me. In his eyes was an endless abyss, which could not be seen through. I replied, "Yeah!"

My mind was racing. Now that he imprisoned me here and engaged with Alicia in the day, it was proved that who he loved was Alicia but not me.

However, now he should be greeting the guests and accompanying Alicia, but he came back and brought me a meal, which could explain he was possessive about me.

To be more precise, it should be called a habit. In the past four years, he had got used to the fact that I loved him deeply and regarded him as the center, giving him my heart and everything.

When the habit stopped abruptly, he felt uneasy.

it would be

that he fell in love with me in a second. Dreaming for four years, I never

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another bite, because the situation now absolutely not allowed me to make any mistake and I had to think it over before saying a word. I had to leave here as soon as possible, otherwise

threat of Kieran. In his eyes, there was no such thing

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that now that he was not accustomed to my hate, why not pretended to

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would unconsciously smile. But now, there was only a broken heart without feelings which had been

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to eat a little bit more and

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If the room was the same as before, there would be a

"Go ahead!" replied Marlon.

closed the door, I was about to cheer, especially when I saw the telephone still there. I could never

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the number of

stared at the telephone. I was hesitating. If I called Kieran, I could prevent him from misunderstanding me and hurting Davidson though he didn't come to save me. But if I called the Cornell family, nobody would care about me. Not to mention in such a situation, if Alicia framed me for


with Marlon, so he should be accompanying her instead

let her know,

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