Loveless Marriage

Chapter 89 I'm Starving

She suddenly lifted the quilt, her tone sounded angry, "If you're still mad at me, then go on. Babies and I are starving, and I'm going to eat."

Before she could left the bed , she was held down by Christian. He pulled the quilt back onto her, then stood up and said calmly, "Lie down, and I'll buy some for you."

Isabella immediately stopped moving. She didn't have much strength, so it wasn't a good time to be stubborn.

She pulled the quilt up to her chest. Looking at the man who was about to leave, she said lightly, "I don't wanna soup or porridge. Buy me rice and pork."


Christian turned around and glanced at her. With a shallow smile on his face, he replied with a hint of tenderness: "okay, wait for me."

After confirming that he had left, Isabella let out a long sigh.

After turning on her phone, she suddenly hesitated. Should she call Minh or John?

first dight of John's number, Minh called

for a few seconds, she pressed down


sounded overjoyed, "Are you feeling better now? John and

a while, Isabella slowly said: "Did you two send

on the way back to the horel. John and I sent you there, and then Mr. Miller showed up. He told us to come back first. He would take

told her

frowned, lowering her voice, "You guys...

won't tell anyone about it." Minh laughed. Suddenly he paused, then his voice became a little softer, saying: "Oh, John still don't about your pregnancy. The doctor

result, Isabella directly said, “Sorry,

person I've been travelling with for so many days is

too dangerous for you. Next time if there is a business

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