Loveless Marriage

Chapter 90 I Feel Like Being Schemed

As expected, just as she lay down, Christian pushed the door open. He walked to the bedside, then opened the lunchbox.

The fragrance of the dishes soon filled the air.

Quietly watching him patiently arranged everything for her, she suddenly recalled last time when he looked after her in hospital. At that time, they hadn't got divorced, and he also took care of her like this. But this time, however, still some difference from last time. 

"What are you doing? Aren't you starving?" Christian handed the fork to her, his gentle interrupting her thoughts.

"Oh, thanks." Isabella took the fork, looking at the dishes placed in front of her. There was a steak, a salad, and also a borsch.

She then raised her head and asked, "Have you eaten yet?"

"Eat. I'll eat later." Christian smiled. He naturally reached out and pulled her hair from cheek behind her ears.

Isabella's ears grew hot, then she unnaturally lowered her head to eat. She tried to sound indifferent, "It's too much, and I can't feat them all. Let's eat together."



Isabella hadn't expected that he would agree so straightforwardly. She was immediately choked, feeling that she was schemed by him again.

But she actually didn't have much appetite. The reason she asked him to buy food was to send him away for a while.

She was still not feeling very well. Looking at the steak, she even wanted to throw up, but she endured the urge. 

Christian sat on the side of the bed and ate with her. patiently without a sound. 

Isabella knew that he didn't like to talk in a meal. 

even hear each other's breathing. Christian's smell mixed with the fragrance of dishes entered Isabella's nose, making her heart throb, as though she

Christian picked up a piece of steak and

a few seconds, Isabella finally ate it mixed with some


immediately put down his fork, patted her on the back, frowning, "Are you still a

"Have some soup."

pretty face turned blushed. After swallowing the food in her mouth, she coughed a bit as well. She then anxiously took the soup from his hands and had a

opened wide, "What's



Isabella's face changed. She suddenly pushed him away


up, with anxiety flashing across his face. He then

stared at the door from time to time. His fingers

asked her solemnly, "I'm sorry, Did you

lady was stunned by his handsome look. Her face flushed, then she stuttered

bit of patience was used up. Then he directly walked

mesmerised by his graceful actions. Even after he had already left, she still stood on the spot, staring blankly at

almost made the female restroom explode. Thanks to his

leaned against the door looking like in pain after throwing up, was also instantly stunned

"You, you...”

are you feeling

her tongue was still in a knot, Christian had already walked

pulling him out while

female restroom, which

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