Loveless Marriage

Chapter 93  I Only Want My Babies

Christian started to tidy up his clothes and smiled, "How can a man at my age be your babies father if I can't even handle such a trivial?"


Isabella suddenly felt that she had been casting pearls before swine. He completely didn't understand what she had said, and it was obvious that he didn't intend to tell her what he was to do either.

She really didn't want to experience something again that happened too sudden without any mental preparation. 


"Isabella," Christian suddenly raised her head, whose expression looked much more solemn. He then asked seriously, "Do you know the consequences if I choose the former?"

After being silent for a few seconds, she said coldly: "I just want my babies."

What could be the consequences? Losing her job and her reputation? Criticised by others of her marital infidelity? She indeed cared a lot these things, but compared to her children, these were nothing.

Christian's pupils contracted intensely immediately, and suddenly his eyes surged with dense emotions. Looking at her, Christian said nothing more.


up at her, Christian turned and left. He didn't come back.     

feel that she was wrong. She

he was the first

chance to go back to the hotel. But in the end, she stayed. Feeling

thing, but recently, he seemed to have addicted to cigarettes. He would have smoke one or two

smoke was dissipated, Adrian coincidentally called him. After hearing about what had happened, he first ruthlessly mocked Christian, then drove over, and took him

anywhere but a bar next time?" Hearing the noise , Christian felt even more irritated, and his expression didn't look so good.   

it's the most suitable place to drink down your sadness. It suits

got up and walked out without

"Hey, hey..." 

startled for a second. He then put down glass and shouted: "How about I'll take you to somewhere

"Get lost!" 

whose tall figure gave off a lonely feeling. Then he took out his phone.   

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