Another thing I know about my sister is that whenever she is hiding something and she gets caught she tries to act cocky to distract you from what she is hiding.

"Stop it with the games Nicole, I am not in the mood" I say clenching my jaw.

She fake gasps "Games? What games brother dearest? There aren't any games here"

"For fucks sake Nicole, tell me what the fuck you guys are hiding" I snap making her flinch.

"We aren't hiding anything Maddox" Nicole says not meeting my gaze.

Do they seriously think I am that stupid?

"Nicole. Tell. Me. Now" I force out, the alpha command clear in my voice so she has no choice but to obey.

I love being Alpha.

I mentally smirk in triumph, of course my mental happiness vanishes when Nikki tells me the reason why they are acting weird.

"We are going to meet Carson for dinner" she squeaks out.

"Who the hell is Carson?" I ask, my jaw clenching and unclenching.

"I can't tell you" Nikki mumbles

"Nicole, don't make me ask again"

"Carson is Jayda's ex" she says while closing her eyes tightly.

I swear I saw red.

"You are telling me my fucking mate is meeting with her ex boyfriend?" i growl out.

going, its not just them we are all going as

was so sure I had nothing to fucking worry about then why the hell didn't she tell me? She was going to go meet another guy behind my back" I yell, my temper


fact that knowing that I would not approve

please don't shift inside my home. I just cleaned"

for telling me what to do but then

sis, I need a favor and by favor I mean you have no choice

Jayda's POV

4 hours.

been 4 hours since Maddox left and he still isn't back, I

was acting so distant, was it something he read on the documents he was

can't be because of me, he doesn't

guilt was killing me and I was ready to

Maddox walks lazily

I have been so

out and about" he pulls away all too soon and heads

while then snap out of

walk in to the bedroom, Maddox is taking off

the headboard and hands behind his head. "So I was thinking, that we could go on the date I promised you tonight" Maddox trails

god! I

but i can't do this to Carson. He

can't Maddox, maybe tomorrow?"

He raises

Ellie" I breath out.

turns on the


I am not stopping you" he says without even looking at

have done all day

walk in closet to change

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