Maddox POV.

I was running.

I have been running for a few hours already I just wanted to get away from Jayda so I could think clearly.

I was praying to the moon goddess that I found a rogue so I could take my anger on him. But since my pack's border patrol is strong its almost impossible for a rogue to enter. Almost, Ellie and the guy who wanted to mark Jayda entered our territory so I still had hopes one entered and I could turn rip him to shreds.

I started thinking about how dinner had gone, I think I handled everything pretty well, I mean I didn't kill the guy so I find that a success.

I had never been in a situation like that because I never really cared about anyone romantically before Jayda. I mean, I had some girlfriends when I was like 12-15 years old but then I realized my mate didn't deserve me having a past with a lot of girls so I stopped dating.

Now that I think about it I might have been a little hard on her, I mean I do still talk to my ex's well they talk to me.

What the hell am I saying! I wasn't too hard on her, Carson obviously wanted to get back with her and she met him behind my back. This is so stressing, I have never been so confused in my life, I have always been confident with my decisions to do things but right now I don't even know.

Its not that I regret how I treated Carson or what I did at dinner because I really don't but I do regret yelling at Jayda like that, she is my mate and we are suppose to know how to communicate with each other and that is what she wanted to do, she wanted to talk about it but I had to go and hurt her feelings.

All the anger I had felt in the last few hours leaves my body and is replaced by guilt.

Inwardly sighing I ship back and grab some basketball shorts that the pack hides all across the forest just in case we shift. Groaning I put my head in my hands and think about how I will fix this.

I decide to head back in human form so I have more time to think about everything. Suddenly an idea comes to mind and I rush towards the pack village.

I knock loudly on the door and it opens to reveal a pissed off Kyle.

fucking 3am" Kyle

mate" I state and his posture


have no choice little brother, second of all I do apologize for torturing her but then again its kind of her fault, I was going to let her go but she started talking shit about Jayda and

going to

I was sleeping, oh hey Maddox" Ellie says while

back inside Ellie" Kyle says through clenched

of private conversation? If so then you

to talk to you Ellie" I tell her looking at Kyle straight in the

now? Its kind of really late" she says with


She says with

Not. Talking. To. Him. Ellie" Kyle growls

about this. He is my best friend's mate and my Alpha. Plus I talked about Jayda

no right to-" Kyle

I will talk to him wether you like it

will be present during this

sit down

I fucked

super pissed" Ellie says making me shake

is yelling at Jayda after dinner" I

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