Jayda's POV

I wake up with Maddox arms wrapped around me and freeze.

Am I dreaming? Last thing I remember is that Maddox was extremely mad at me.

I feel him move and freeze, if he wakes up he will probably be mad at me. I decide on being selfish and stay in his arms for a for a little while.

Sadly a few minutes later he wakes up and unwraps his arms from around me.

I keep my eyes closed while walks around the room probably getting ready. After I don't know how long he stands beside the bed and kisses my forehead and leaves the room.

Sighing I pull the covers off of me and get out of bed, I brush my teeth and start getting dressed.

I decide on wearing black skinny jeans with a red tank top and black combat boots.

I brush my hair and put it in a lazy pony tail.

When I get to the kitchen Maddox is there finishing his Cereal, He didn't look mad so I decide to try my luck and talk to him.

"Listen, Maddox I-" I start but he cuts me off.

"I need to do some pack stuff today, if you need anything then just call Luke or something" Maddox says quickly putting his bowl in the sink and leaving the house.

Wow, he is avoiding me now? I kind of prefer him screaming at me.

I wasn't really hungry so I go to the pantry and take a granola bar and exit the house.

I start walking around the village and end up in a kids park, I sit in one of the swings and get lost in my thoughts until a voice interrupts me.

"Are you okay?" I look to my left and there is a kid that looks no older than 10 sitting on another swing and looking at me expectantly. He had brown hair and big blue eyes that looked like mine.

"Me? Ummm yeah I am okay, just a little bored" I lie, there isn't really any need to tell a little kid of my problems.

"Really?, want to play so you can stop being bored?" The kid asks excitedly with a face splitting grin.

I feel some sort of connection with this boy, and he looks

you, what is your name?"

Beta when I grow up" he says proudly and

Future Beta? Does that mean

are you Beta Leonardo's son?" I

distractedly while looking for a

he is my

who I am?" I ask while

course I do, Alpha told


know you are Luna, silly"

he doesn't know I am his sister? Why didn't they

frown and was about to ask another question when he interrupted

going to play?"

but one last question. How old are

now lets

don't accidentally hit someone in the

for about 2 hours until we

sisters?" I ask him, if I had any other siblings I wanted to

only child" he says

while until I see Maddox walking through the

go talk

need to talk to you!" I whisper yell while running towards

for, we gotta go" Maddox says grabbing my hand

Where are we going?" I

smiles "You'll see"

cuts me off

I mumble and

get to the truck I turn

me straight in the eye and says "You talk to

the passengers door

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