I looked back towards where the guy was sprawled on the floor and some people were already helping him.

Maddox sits on a bench and starts taking his skates off, I do the same.

I am sorry we have to leave the skating rink so early but I really don't feel like going to jail for beating the shit out of some guy.

When we get to the car I ask "Where are we going?" I ask dumbly. Knowing we were most likely heading back home.

"I told you this was just the first part of our date, so our date is not over" he says with a smile.

I guess I was wrong...

"What are we going to do then?" I ask.

He doesn't say anything.

"Hey! Maddox! Don't ignore me!" I warn.

"Well if you are going to keep asking that then I will have to ignore you" he says making me sigh.

We drive for about 10 more minutes until we stop in front of a candy store.

I grin "Maddox Are we buying candy?" I Ask, feeling really over excited at the thought of eating something sweet. If you guys haven't figured it out the thing that always makes my day better is ice cream, I used to have a candy stash at Eli's house.

"Yes we are, now lets go Babe" he says and gets out of the truck.

As soon as i entered I loved the place, the door had a bell on top of it so every time someone opened the door the bells sounded, some of the walls were light blue while the others were light pink, the floor had glitter on it and all of the shelves were full of delicious and colorful candies, some I had never seen before. The first thing I do when we enter the store is go to a woman dressed as a gummy worm, from the scowl on her face I could guess she wasn't getting paid enough to wear that.

are?" I ask her with a polite smile. Her scowl didn't falter as

Maddox's arm

you doing?" He asks wearily as I close the bathroom

his hands and put them under the faucet

some of the guys dried blood on

right now?"

so hurry" I

clean we both exit the bathroom only to come face to face with an really cute and sweet looking older lady, she has white hair, light blue eyes, and red and

sees me leaving with Maddox she narrows her eyes at us.


yes?" I say with a

a children's store, if you guys want to do indecent things you can do them in a hotel not in a kids

misunderstanding! I was just, we umm-" I was at a loss of

the older lady then grabs hold of my hand and walks to

the hell!" I

while looking over at all of the

you say that?" I ask

anyways so I decided to have a little fun messing with her, now pick anything you want" he says while walking to the corner and talking two lime green

walk around the who store picking all the candy we wanted then we walked to

talked about everything that has

has been a crazy week" I state

forget about

scoff. "Normal adults? Normal adults talk about things! You yelled at me and then ignored me. And then all of the sudden you decide on taking me on a date! What

me "I am trying, I am trying so fucking hard but I am new at this! My last girlfriend was when I was like fucking 15 give me a damn

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