Jayda's POV

I just want to say one thing.

Ian is fucking awesome.

We had been walking for hours already, he wasn't even telling me about the territory we just talked about random things while walking aimlessly through the woods.

He had some pretty hilarious stories and he definitely got my mind off my problems.

He was now telling me about one of his many exes who had a cat and well if you didn't know us wolves hate cats, well they hate us and that makes us hate them.

"So then I was like either you get rid of the cat or we are over...and you know what she said?" Ian asks.

"She got rid of the cat?" I guess.

"No!" He with can-you-believe-it face then adds "She said that the cat just needed to get used to me"

"Did the cat get used to you?" I ask in distaste.

"Nah, I dumped her ass. She cared too much about the furry little fucker and I wasn't going to date someone who had a cat. They are disgusting and ugly" Ian says with a shudder.

I nod in agreement "Yeah, they are pretty disgusting"

she was super hot and really good in bed but she was psycho. She called me like 100 times a day and texted every 5 minutes" he says with

was....dedicated" I say thinking about how someone could text


she just wanted to talk" I say trying

thats when I dumped her" he says kicking a

bad luck with woman"

the worst yet" he says and I can hear

than your ex girlfriend throwing dog poop at

spend the night with. We went to her house because By that time I wasn't Alpha and

she-wolf. She had been trying to seduce me all night so

Gabriella, she had straight, short ginger hair and green eyes. She was really passionate. While I drove to her house she kept kissing me and shit. Anyways the thing is that we had sex, and it was


something like that. As soon as I saw her, I knew who she was. She was my mate and I was so

thing Gabriella said was 'OMG Isabella! Knock next time, this is Ian by the way, he is an Alpha. Lucky me I found him last night' that snapped me out of my trance

frozen looking at me. Her bright green eyes

this is not what it looks like, I have been waiting for you. I can't believe I finally found you' was the first

opened her mouth to talk and a sob came out then another one,

I told her that Isabella was

while looking at me in the eye that she rejected me and to get

her. She was made for me. She kept saying to stop crying because she wouldn't fall for my bullshit. And then she left. I was devastated, i spent the next 8 months after she left me moping around. Crying and sleeping. I was a total mess. Then one day I snapped i messed up my room I broke everything

time Ian is done talking I have tears running down my face. I couldn't believe the fun, careless guy I had met a few hours ago had been through

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