Chapter 1797 It Must Be A Trap

“Come with me, Master Felch. Hurry!”

Kerrie anxiously dragged Francesca along.

“What? Hey! Wait…”

Francesca was immediately brought to the room next door.

At this very moment, Danrique was seated on the sofa with his back facing her, loosening the buttons on his shirt one by one.


Sean placed a bag of ice against his boss’ forehead, and he called out to Francesca upon seeing her. “Dr. Felch! Come over. Mr. Lindberg’s having another fever.”

Francesca walked over, knelt in front of Danrique, and began to examine his wound.


Danrique stopped unbuttoning his shirt and stared at her with creased brows.

The woman was dressed in nothing but a bathrobe, and her hair was still wet. Water droplets could be seen trailing down her neck.

The sight of it all seemed rather suggestive.

Danrique quickly averted his gaze. “Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?” he demanded.

how to respond. “Who says I’m not wearing any clothes? Am

sorry, Mr. Lindberg. I was so frantic that I

room and put some

the bandages covering his wound. The sudden pain caused him to yelp and


gritted his teeth. I’m going to

at you. Don’t get the wrong idea,” Francesca remarked bluntly without

kept her gaze on the

burned in Danrique’s eyes as his face

watched the ordeal. Mr. Lindberg’s always been level-headed, but he seems to be losing his temper a

p*ss Mr. Lindberg off every day, but he hasn’t

a fever.

she returned to


about to give Danrique’s body a wipe when the latter took the hot

Kerrie meekly did as

to see her leave the

let me,” Kerrie answered in a

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