Chapter 1798 A Secret That Cannot Be Told

Danrique fell into silence as he heard that. “It does seem that way,” he murmured, his brows creasing.


“That d*mned woman.”

The man clenched his teeth in rage, but his wound began to hurt just as he was about to say anything more.

“It’s fine as long as you’re aware of what she’s like. Don’t be fooled,” Sean remarked with concern. “You’ve never dated anyone before, after all, so it’s possible you might fall for her schemes.”


“Kick her out once I’ve recovered.” Danrique frowned. “Also, get Gordon to keep looking into Francesco’s whereabouts.”

“Yes, Sir,” Sean replied with a nod. “I’ll get some information from Robin since he’s been looking for the same person.”


“Okay,” Danrique answered before slumping into the sofa.

Just then, Robin knocked on the door and entered with a few attendants and a cart full of food.

“Good evening, Mr. Lindberg. It’s time for dinner,” said Robin politely. “His Highness has specifically hired a Chanaean chef to prepare you your favorite dishes.”

“Thank you.” Sean hastily welcomed them.

an appetite, Danrique greeted Robin casually before heading into his bedroom to

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happened to return with the concoction she had made, and

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Sean was about to follow her, Robin

“What is it?”

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the daughter of a distant


stand there!” Robin pestered. “Answer my

to see what her face looks like now. We don’t know her name either. She only refers to herself as Dr. Felch,” Sean

gaze fell, as though he was pondering over

your relative’s last

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