Chapter 1801 I Am Francesco

It took Francesca a while to snap out of a daze. She hastily retracted her hand and took a few steps back. “Did you not summon me to examine you?”

William gazed at her in shock upon hearing that.

“From your tone, you sound like you’re looking for your girlfriend rather than a doctor,” Francesca remarked skeptically. “Have you gotten the wrong person?”

“Francesca…” William was stupefied. “Are you okay? It’s me – William!”

“I know,” the woman responded in amusement. “You’re the prince of Danontand. I’m just a regular doctor, not your girlfriend. You must have mistaken me for someone else.”



“Your Highness, let me explain.” Robin quickly leaned toward William’s ear. “According to Sean Lowe, Dr. Felch was hit by a car and lost her memory after injuring her head.”


“She lost her memory?” William turned to Francesca, looking doubtful. “Did she really?”

“It seems to be true. Sean even had Dr. Helen Wright run some tests on her. A metal chip pressing against a nerve in her head resulted in her amnesia. But Your Highness, this lady has never been seen without a mask. Are you sure she’s really the miracle doctor Francesco?”

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