Chapter 1803 Become Stronger

“I shall leave first if there’s nothing else.”

Francesca grabbed her medical bag and turned to leave.

“Francesca…” William called out, hoping that she wouldn’t leave so soon. “Can you stay a little longer?”

“I can’t. Danrique is having a fever, and I need to go back and check up on him,” Francesca replied directly before continuing, “Oh, regarding your leg, it can be treated, but I need to think of a way. I will let you know once I think of something.”

After the woman finished speaking, she returned the check to Robin and said, “You can pay me after treatment starts.”


“It’s all right, Dr. Felch. You can take the money first. If you need any more help, please feel free to let me know…”

“I won’t accept anything I’ve not earned.”


Francesca shoved the check back into the man’s hand and left without a backward glance.

feel slightly disappointed as he watched

tried to comfort the man. “Your Highness, please don’t worry. Francesco… No, Dr. Felch is only behaving this way because she has lost

“You’re right. I’m sure she

have to account to Mr. Lindberg,” Robin said awkwardly. “Earlier on, Sean kept asking me about Francesco’s whereabouts, but I’ve followed your instructions and tried to avoid the topic. I could feel that he is starting to get suspicious. After all, given your relationship with Mr. Lindberg, there’s

they are trying to find Francesca to treat Danrique, but they are unaware that Dr. Felch is actually Francesca. Besides, given that Francesca is already treating Danrique, his condition is not going to worsen. As such, it’s unlikely that any conflict would arise

nodded before continuing, “Then, if Sean asks me about it again, I’ll just tell him that Dr. Felch has exceptional medical skills, and with her treating Mr. Lindberg, there’s nothing they have

doesn’t like people finding out her true identity. As such, when she was getting rid of the poison for me previously, she had already made me

enemies of those important people have no means of laying their hands on them, they might target Dr. Felch instead, such as

look on his

They thought that if they killed Francesca, no one would be able to treat me, and I would be wheelchair

young, I’ve stayed a low profile and tried my best to put up with them. However, they are

One would only be able to protect themselves and their family if

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