Chapter 1804 Stupid Man

“It’s more complicated than I thought.” Noticing how pale Danrique looked, a crease appeared between Francesca’s brows. “I’ve underestimated the poison. It keeps mutating in the body.”

“What? How did that happen?” Sean was shocked to hear that, and the color drained from his face. “What should we do then?”

“We have to go back as soon as possible,” Francesca replied decisively. “Do you still have the snake that bit him?”

“Yup.” Sean nodded and continued, “We’ve locked it up in the lab.”

“Lab?” Francesca’s expression changed drastically when she heard that. “Are you experimenting on animals?”


“Regarding this matter, it’s difficult for me to explain it to you right now,” Sean replied vaguely, clearly trying to avoid answering. “Besides, I can’t let you in on the details, so please don’t ask any further.”

“Fine. I don’t wish to waste time talking as well,” Francesca replied coldly. “Anyway, we should go back as soon as possible. Otherwise, his condition would continue to worsen. By then, not even the gods would be able to save him, not to mention me.”


“But why didn’t you mention this earlier?” Sean was starting to panic. “If we had known it earlier…”

“We shouldn’t be discussing hypothetical scenarios now,” Francesca replied, feeling a flicker of irritation. “I’m a doctor, not God. I can’t predict everything. Even though I know that the poison is from a biochemically refined animal. I wouldn’t know that it would start mutating. That’s beyond the expertise of a medical doctor.”

After hearing what the woman said, Sean knew that he couldn’t blame her as there was nothing she could have done as well. However, he was currently in a difficult position. “There’s a very important function tomorrow evening where Mr. Lindberg and His Highness are supposed to attend together. As such, I’m afraid that Mr. Lindberg wouldn’t agree to going back now.”

started cursing. “We have to go back now! Immediately! Prepare the car right away and go back to the


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quickly rushed over when he realized that it was Danrique who was speaking. “Mr. Lindberg, you’re

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happens to me, it would be your fault for not performing your duty as a doctor well,” Danrique added before the woman could

with anger, Francesca hurled the towel which she was holding at

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“Mr. Lindberg…”

he quickly rushed up to the man and removed the towel on

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