Moon Warriors

Chapter 46 Emily is in Trouble!

Emily got into the room and leaned her back against the door. She was feeling extremely bad.

Andrew was too over. How could he not save her face?

She had already said that he was just her classmate. Did he need to be so jealous?

She was getting angrier when she thought more about it. However, she felt that something was wrong when she was thinking about it.

Was she just used a tone that was too bad? During the period, Andrew did his best for all her affairs and it was not an exaggeration to say that he was willing to go through the hell to help her.

How could she talk to Andrew like that?

When Andrew grew up in her house, he was looked down upon. He was belittled and ridiculed by people outside.

But when he came back, he never showed a little bit in front of her. Now, she had said such bad words to him. Did she hurt his self-esteem?

By the way, what she just did was too over.

There was a little regret in her heart!

When she thought of it, she opened the door of the room and she was ready to state it clear to Andrew.

However, as soon as the door was opened, Andrew was not in the living room. She looked around the room but Andrew was not there.

“Mom, have you seen Andrew?” Emily asked her mother when she came to Rosa’s door.

“No!” Rosa’s angry voice came from inside.

‘It’s too over, what I said just now must have hurt Andrew. My words were too over.’

Andrew was a man. No matter how, he must have care of his dignify. What she said just now must have hurt his self-esteem.

She ran downstairs hurriedly to look for Andrew. She was calling and finding him but he didn’t answer her call and it seemed like he just disappeared.

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