Moon Warriors

Chapter 47 Those Who Hurt My Wife Should Die!

This was the news that Andrew was most reluctant to hear. He had never blinked his eyes in front of the face of his enemies.

But now that he heard such bad news, he had to admit that his heartbeat became faster.

Andrew arrived at JS Grand Villa in five minutes, which should be a twenty minutes distance by car. Andrew arrived in just five minutes by walking.

JS Grand Villa was an abandoned building. A cordon had been pulled up here; it was surrounded by countless police and police cars.

There was a policewoman who used the moist stupid way trying to save people. She shouted with a horn, “To whoever who is inside, you have been, you have been surrounded. It is not too late to surrender now. Don’t make a big mistake.”

“Andrew, you’re finally here.” Mary rushed to Andrew anxiously when she saw him.

She looked sad and said to Andrew, “Sorry, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t help Ashley to date Emily out. I really didn’t know he would do such crazy thing. I’m sorry, Andrew.”

“Clarify things in the simplest way.” Andrew asked sharply and looked at the abandoned building in front of him.

“Emily has been asking around about your news these few days. Ashley found me, he told me to date Emily out saying that he knew about your news. He said that he was leaving K City, and he wanted to see Emily for the last time. He wanted to say goodbye to her face to face. I thought it was real, so I asked Emily out. Who knew that he added drugs in our drinks, we fainted after we drank the milk tea. After that, he brought Emily here.”

“Alright, I’m going to get even with you for this later.” After speaking, Andrew strode into the cordon with a grim face.

At that exact moment, the policewoman with the horn grabbed him and said, “What are you doing? Do you know how dangerous it is?”

The policewoman looked beautiful and she had big boobs.

Andrew glared at the busty policewoman ad shouted angrily, “Get away! I’ll save my wife myself!”

After speaking, he strode into the abandoned building. The policewoman took out a gun and shouted at Andrew, “What are you doing? If you continue stepping forward, I’ll have to shoot.”

Countless international weapons could not hurt Andrew a little, what more to say a small pistol, what was the use of him becoming the army commander if he were afraid of a pistol. He walked straight to the abandoned building without bothering.

The busty policewoman was anxious and she fired a shot into the sky. The sound scared the crowds around, but it sounded just like firecrackers for Andrew who had been through all kinds of battles.

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