Moon Warriors

Chapter 63 A Beauty Came to Visit

Besides, the Turner family was a powerful family, which made the whole K City show respect and timidity. But Andrew looked unterrified at all ahead of Isaac Turner.

Andrew must be a supreme man so that he can treat the Turner family like dirt.

On that day, Andrew showed great anger in Jade Pavilion, but Archibald Elliott showed great respect to Andrew. Archibald Elliott will never be like that to a normal man, even though the man had ever saved him.

Archibald Elliott had a value for his own sake worth of several billion Yuan.

Moreover, he had sent Andrew gifts, which were worth of fifty million yuan and one hundred million yuan.

Obviously, he was pleasing Andrew.

Emily was surprised inside, thinking whether Andrew was a real general as the fortune teller said or not.

Thinking of this, Emily gave a call to Mary.

Mary recently stayed at home, and got interested in Andrew’s background. On that day in Dorsett Jewelry Store, she saw Archibald Elliott kneeled down before Andrew and cried.

While Andrew looked like a king, calm and unshaken.

If Andrew was a normal man, he should react like that. So he must have an unknown identity. But what was it?

At the time, her phone rang. It’s from Emily.

“Emily, what’s up?”

“Mary, I got a question.” Emily then told her the thing about the fortune teller.

Hearing of that. Mary was shocked inside. A talented general! Was there still such a man in this modern society. But Andrew was a real general, it did get an explanation why Archibald Elliott kneeled to him.

have no idea about Andrew’s identity?”

that he is much different from the

while of silence, Mary said, “Actually, there is also one thing I am eager to

“What?” Emily asked curiously.

“One day, I went to Dorsett Jewelry Store, and saw Andrew there. But an odd thing happened there that the

Emily was so shocked.

tell anyone that I told you this. Many people

anyone and then said, “Archibald Elliott

Mary replied, “Perhaps!”

was pushed open and Andrew came

turned sharply to look at Andrew and

Emily’s strange behavior, he

gave a rush

come back home?”

none of your business. Why you come back so early, and you don’t have a dance with

was full

by Emily, asking, “You are

always like that. He did something wrong,

for? You thought you are so charming that I will

for me, so I don’t have to tell you

his way to the wash room, but was stopped

in anger, “Well, shouldn’t you give me an explanation about those women? I am your wife now,

was asked me to sign a contract with her. You should know her. And the other woman is Klara, a widow of the Foster family in Nanling. I met her for the

a shrug

“A widow. You have a relation with such a

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