Moon Warriors

Chapter 1 First Gift

“Young master, we are here on behalf of the master to ask you to return and inherit the position head of the house.”

A man wearing a suit and leather shoes said respectfully to a younger man who was in twenties. There are more than 20 ferocious men in black clothing standing behind the man in a suit, which didn’t look like normal civilians.

The young man was in a rugged army uniform, he had a mature aura surrounding him and he didn’t seem to act like his age. He glanced at the man in the suit and scoffed, “I’m not part of the Stone family anymore, not after they killed my parents.”

“Does that old fogey think that I’m his dog? Does he think that I’m at his beck and call?”

The man in the suit was flustered, he quickly said, “Young master, the master regretted his actions. Please do…”

“Enough. I have no intention to return and that’s what I’ve decided the moment I step out of that house.” Andrew Stone interrupted the man in the suit without hesitation.

“Tell Ryan Stone that I’ll destroy the Stone family if he ever bothers me again.”

He didn’t give them any face at all and just walked away.

The man in the suit took an extremely deep breath after Andrew disappeared from his sight. His sweat was seeping through his clothes. Only Andrew would dare to reject the offer to be the head of the Stone family, the most influential family in the River Capital.

A black car with a red flag was awaiting Andrew’s arrival.

A strong man stood up straight when he saw Andrew. He saluted and exclaimed, “The deputy commander of the Seven League in Southland, Phoenix Morgan, salutes you, commander!”

Andrew was a legend in the army and was an important asset to the army! He joined the Northland army when he was 20 and had many achievements within the past 5 years. He founded the Seven League and it was known across every frontier. The Seven League was not only the enemy’s nightmare, but they were also the sturdy metal wall protecting the H country!

He was a legend. Even Phoenix who was the deputy commander in Southland admired and respected him.

Andrew nodded and got into the car.

“Phoenix, it's been a long time. You’re now the deputy commander.”

“Commander, my life belongs to you no matter what position I hold. If it wasn’t for you, I might be long dead.”

Andrew smiled plainly and didn’t say anything.

After a while, Phoenix thought of something and said, “Commander, I got the information you wanted me to look into. It was the Turner family’s doing. They bought 80% of the Clark family’s properties with low price.”

dark, he gritted his teeth and said, “The

a year ago, the Clark family which was the top 3 family in the K City found themselves in trouble. Andrew’s stepfather, Peter Clark, was

friend. Andrew’s parents died when he was 8 and Peter took him

his daughter, Emily Clark, marry

never thought that he would only get the news about Peter’s death half a

he didn’t even know about the death of


to make the Turner family pay for their

years and the Turner family wasn’t happy about it. They pulled every trick in the book and tried to destroy the Clark

I’ll go wipe

need, I’ll do it

with your power and status, you don’t have to dirty your own

face then

commander doing things with his own

Clark House,

“Yes sir!” replied Phoenix.

later. Andrew told Phoenix to leave for the time being as he wanted

family photo from his inner pocket after Phoenix walked away. All these years on the battlefield, this photo was the sole

people he missed dearly in the photo and looked at the Clark

would follow him around and called him big brother and the gentle

touched the photo with his fingers and looked at the

worry. I will take

seal on the Clark House’s main entrance. Waves of emotions

House, and it’s mine

up to the entrance of the

the line looked like someone from an influential family

you serious? I

that he would buy this place and give it to me

“Wow, that’s so cool.”

Mr. West. That’s so

to the entrance as

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