Moon Warriors

Chapter 2 You Don’t Deserve Emily

The people at the scene didn’t dare to say anything, their face paled.

They only seen something like this on TV, it was way too bizarre.

Andrew suddenly let go and Albert fell onto the ground. He coughed violently.

“Remember, this is the Clark House and it will forever belong to the Clark family. Tell your father that I’m back,” said Andrew. He then turned around and left.

As Andrew slowly walked away from the Clark House, a painful groan could be heard coming from the Clark House.

Both of Albert’s legs were broken. This was Andrew’s first gift to the Turner family.

“Commander, where are we heading next?” Phoenix still had some blood on his hands, which belongs to Albert.

“The Martin family,” replied Albert indifferently.

Phoenix looked at Andrew who had no expression on his face. He paused briefly and said, “Commander, Mr. Ray Fraser is here in K City for a business meeting. He heard that you were here and wanted to treat you to a meal. Do you…”

“I’m not free!” Andrew disrupted Phoenix.

Phoenix smacked his lips and didn’t say anything more.

Phoenix left after Andrew got off the car.

After the Clark family was gone, Peter’s wife and daughter went to stay at the Martin family.

The Martin family was a second-tier family in K City and it was only because the Clark family helped them.

He didn’t know what the mother and daughter have gone through. Their family crumbled and they went from heaven to hell. They had to suffer a lot. He was back now and he wouldn’t let anyone else bully them.

Emily was his childhood friend and his wife.

knock on the door, he overheard sounds coming from

decided for you. Three days later, go to the T.Y. International Hotel and sign the engagement with Ashley.” It

three companies before turning 30 years old. He has billions in assets,” said Emily’s

Ashley is a prince in many girls' hearts. You will be happy to marry

Dad wouldn’t support this decision if he was still alive,” said Emily stubbornly.

he should’ve come back to see us. Like Ashley said, even in the army he would still have access to his phone and the

to the Clark family and ran away as fast as he could. He

Emily. Just say yes to Ashley! Andrew was shifty-eyed. He didn’t seem like a

sooner. But he was on the battlefield and was facing terrifying

and hence he didn’t

the door in the end. A middle-aged woman in a black dress who looked

long pause the moment she


squeezed a rare smile and said, “Yes, it’s me,

when did you come

“Just now!”

thinking about

may I come in?” Andrew asked

pondered briefly and was about to say something, but

were in the house. A girl

Emily recognized him immediately. She was taken aback, was

and tight black skirt showed off her figure and her black stockings were sexy. It had been

you doing well?” Andrew forced out

sighed and asked, “What did you come

past 6 months. Many times she thought about how great it would be if only Andrew was next to her. Her father

have suffered,” Andrew sobbed slightly. It was the

years in the army and he was killing ceaselessly. He was already numb to emotions

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