Moon Warriors

Chapter 3 Commander of Seven-League

What Andrew said made Ashley speechless. Andrew was just a soldier, how dare he talking down to him like that.

He pointed at Andrew angrily and yelled, “You’re just a leech and a useless bum. I gave you some face and you didn’t appreciate it. Take the money and leave!”

Andrew stood up slowly and stared straight into Ashley’s eyes. He would be already dead if they were on the battlefield.

“What? Do you want to fight me?”

“Let me say it again, you don’t deserve Emily,” said Andrew word by word.

Emily felt warm inside seeing what Andrew did.

She quickly walked over and said, “Ashley!”

“Ashley, you should leave!” said Emily coldly.

Ashley was taken aback. He said in a shocked voice, “Emily, do you know what you are saying?”

“I know, Ashley. I’ve told you that he’s my man and now he’s back. You should give up on me!”

“What? Emily, what are you thinking? Andrew is just a soldier, he’s a nobody when compared to Ashley.”

“Enough, Mary. You should leave too,” said Emily unhappily.

Mary was speechless.

Ashley was so mad he bopped his head violently, he said harshly to Emily, “Fine, Emily. You’ll pay for this.”

“You too, Andrew!” Ashley swung his hand angrily and walked out of the house.

Mary watched Ashley as he left. Only Emily and her family were left in the house. She glared at Andrew and ran out as well.

important Mr. Hudson is to our family? Our company would

planned to cooperate with Ashley’s company to make things stable, and

he doesn’t deserve Emily. I will handle the issue with the

“Talk is easy, but do you even have the

“I don’t!”

are you going

company will be

was the richest man in Southwest Region. He had a net worth of more than tens of billions, if he were to invest in their company, their

but even the Y.X. Group also might not

only a soldier, how could he get to know important

won’t care about your matter anymore. Your grandfather will talk to you. You

to say something

me. I

to her room

had expectations towards Andrew, but it was slowly turning into hatred. She hated Andrew for not showing up when she needed him

pause, she said coldly, “Andrew, I wasn’t trying to help you just now. I just don’t like Ashley. I didn’t do

know!” answered

her face. She continued saying, “You can stay here for the time being,

pain in his heart hearing her say that. She had to feel very helpless to say something like

family will be even more powerful than before. The Clark family will become the most influential family in K City, and you will be

“Also, stop bluffing. I know you are trying to save your face, but

that he wasn’t bluffing. Though he thought about it and just nodded.

he suddenly thought about something, “If you

she glared at Andrew

at night, come with

“Alright!” answered Andrew concisely.

night, it’s about Emily’s

never think that we could gather again like this after 5 years. It wasn’t an easy feat, it wasn’t easy,” said Olivier Bradley from

Group was also a well-known enterprise in K City,

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