Moon Warriors

Chapter 5 Promise to Emily

He gave a look to the crowd, and then all the people in the box got up and went out the door.

In fact, he was deliberately making things difficult for Andrew and Emily. They ordered the 128,000 set meal.

After an equal share, each of these people had to pay 10,000, and these two people had to pay 20,000 no matter what. He just didn't think these two people could afford it.

"Boss, how much is it? I paid for the others except for them. Calculate how much it costs." Jason deliberately glanced at Emily and Andrew.

Nell looked at Andrew and Emily. Then Andrew spoke up, "Get rid of the wine. We're not drinking."

"Oh, that's funny. That's the wine that the boss gave to Mr. Cook. You think you deserve to drink it?" Cayden taunted.

The boss nodded knowingly and counted for a moment, then looked up and said, "The total is five hundred and eighteen thousand!"

Everyone in the room thought they had heard wrong. Jason even joked, "Boss, are you kidding me?"

Nell said it again with a serious face, "Excluding these two, the total is five million one hundred and sixteen thousand. I'll give you a discount. It’s five million one hundred thousand."

Jason said a little angrily, "Boss, did you make a mistake? What we had was only a set meal of 128,000. How can there be an extra five million?"

"What do you mean? I'm blackmailing you?" Nell was a little offended and his tone was a little higher.

The reason why Nell was able to mix well in K City was entirely due to his early experiences. He had done a lot of killing, and anyone with a reputation knew he was not a good guy.

Jason had also heard about these things. He hurriedly changed his attitude and said, "Mr. Lane, I didn't mean that. Did you make a miscalculation? I just don't understand how that extra five million came out?"

"The Mao-Tai you are drinking is a vintage wine made in 1953. A bottle of it sold for five million at the Southwest auction last year. This is something that you can't buy even if you have money. I'm calculating the price for you after a discount of 50%. It’s two and a half million."

"Boss, you gave us that wine." Cayden followed suit and called out.

"Did I say it was a gift to you?" Nell stared into Cayden's eyes.

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