Moon Warriors

Chapter 6 I Told You, People with the Last Name Hudson Don't Deserve

"Emily, you really want to kill our family before you are happy, right? Do you know that if we don't cooperate with Hudson Group, the company will go bankrupt next month?" Eden's second uncle, Haris, said reproachfully.

Eden's wife, Alicia, accused, "What did I say? This woman is a jinx. She ruined the Clark family, and now she wants to ruin our Martin family. We should never have taken her in in the first place. Now you believe me?"

"Yes! And now you all feel sorry for her."

"Sister-in-law is absolutely right. She's a real jinx."

Mario also hurriedly said, "Grandpa, I think Emily is doing this on purpose. Her family is finished, so she can't see our family develop well. And Andrew! Why did he come at this time when he didn't come early or late? The two of them must have colluded."

"Grandpa, if Emily doesn't agree to marry Ashley, then you should just kick her out of our Martin family, and I'll see how she can live without the Martin family."

Mario was Eden's son, Emily's cousin. He was a notoriously uneducated playboy. He disliked Emily because Emily's business ability in the Martin family was so strong in the past six months that Brian often criticized him and told him to learn from Emily. He knew that if he didn't get rid of Emily, he wouldn't be able to get Brian's attention.

After hearing what everyone said, Brian's face instantly went sullen.

"Grandpa, didn't our family have a problem with the accounts before? Originally I didn't believe she did it either, but now that I've seen Andrew, and I suspect it was the two of them who did it secretly." Mario continued to add fuel to the fire.

"Mario, don't sling mud at me. I have done my best for this family. You, on the other hand, what have you done? What else do you do besides slandering me behind my back?" Emily couldn't hold back and yelled at Mario.

She was also a young lady from a big family. She also had a temper.

"You, what's up? Did I get to your sore spot? I think you are deliberately trying to ruin our family! You ruined your own family, and now you want to ruin our Martin family? Do you really think this is your home?"

Emily was so angry that she gritted her teeth and clenched her fists tightly.

In the past six months, she had learned that she had to bow down under the roof of others.

Although she was in her grandpa’s house, she was not having a good time. She worked in a factory and did the same job as an ordinary worker.

She suffered unimaginable hardships and did things she would not have done before. But despite all these things, in the end, she had to face the accusations of her family.

So she became careful to do everything well.

In the end, she did everything right, but these people went even further. They treated her as a sacrifice to be used for the family's benefit and wanted to marry her off to someone who could bring benefits to their family.

Leaving aside the fact that Andrew did not come back before, now, after Andrew came back, they still do.

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"Emily, sit down."

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your cousin. How is it decent for you to call him by his first name in front of all the elders like that?"

"But, Grandpa..."

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barked, "In the future, all the children and grandchildren of my Martin family will have to distinguish between the eldest and the youngest.

"Yes," Emily replied weakly.

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"Yes!" Andrew replied indifferently.

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