Moon Warriors

Chapter 7 Andrew's Tricks

"Andrew!" Brian shouted sternly.

Andrew was not afraid at all, he beat Brian to the punch and said, "Grandpa, if you really want Emily to be happy, then you won't force her to marry Ashley. I know you're trying to solve the economic crisis of the Martin family, but in fact, this matter can be totally solved by Emily, Emily has a way to get Ray to cooperate with the Martin family's company."

"Andrew." Emily didn't expect Andrew to blurt out these words as she was afraid of her strict Grandpa from the bottom of her heart.

She gripped Andrew's arm tightly, shook her head, and whispered to him, "I told you not to talk nonsense."

She could have ignored Andrew's bragging during the class reunion, but he actually said these words in front of Brian and so many people. He was totally giving her a pit of fire to jump into. She didn't even know who Ray was, let alone what to do to get him to invest.

"Oh? According to you, Emily knows Mr. Fraser?" Brian's face brimmed with doubts.

Even Brian didn't know Ray, how could Emily know him?

Andrew gently pressed her hand and said with a smile, "You promise first and leave the rest to me."

His look, his words, surprisingly, gave Emily's heart some relief. Although she knew that Andrew was bragging, she was willing to believe him. It was really a strange feeling.

"Hmm...Yes!" What was even stranger was that she unexpectedly nodded at the urging of Andrew's eyes.

Brian froze for a moment, if they could cooperate with Ray, it would be beneficial to the Martin family, and the Martin family might even spring up as a result. On the contrary, even if they failed, it wouldn't have any impact on the Martin family's current situation.

So he narrowed his eyes and asked, "Emily, this could be crucial to the survival of the Martin family."

"Grandpa, don't worry, if Emily can't do it, I will take the initiative to leave K City. And when the time comes, you will be in charge of all of Emily's affairs." Andrew didn't wait for Emily to express herself, he made the decision himself.

"Well, if you can get our D.K. Group to cooperate with Mr. Fraser, then I'll endorse Andrew and I'll host a banquet for you two in K City. If you can't, then don't blame me for not being gracious."

"I'll give you half a month."

With that, Brian got up and left the conference room.

The man who was the most pleased with the situation was Mario. He often visited places where people who were born with silver spoons in their mouths gathered. Now, no one in the whole K City didn't know that Mr. Fraser was going to invest in the Turner family this time.

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of the Martin family, not to mention the cooperation with Mr. Fraser, they didn't even have the qualification to participate in the investment conference he hosted. In short, Emily would definitely be driven out

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