Moon Warriors

Chapter 8 You Are Always the Prettiest

Andrew tip-toed and looked at Mario.

Mario said all recalcitrant, “I’ll bring you guys there. I’d like to see how you guys are going to get in!”

He didn’t believe that the invitation in Andrew’s hands was real. Who was Andrew to receive an invitation from Ray?

They were just faking when they said they were taking part in the conference. Once they were out of his vision, they would definitely go somewhere else.

And hence he should just bring them there. Once they reached the F.K. International Hotel, they wouldn’t be able to fake any more.

He would love to see how they would weasel their way out.

Emily also knew that Andrew faked the invitation card because the invitations were all given out long ago. Based on their status, they wouldn’t be allowed to go in.

She was going to reject Mario’s offer.

But then Andrew said, “Great, it would be nice to have a driver.”

Mario, who was grinning, was fuming in anger when he heard what Andrew said, “Hmph, I’ll see this till the end.”

“Andrew, are we really going?” asked Emily worriedly as she frowned.

Andrew calmly nodded and said, “Of course.”

“But…” Emily wanted to mention that they wouldn’t be able to get in because they didn’t have an invitation but not going meant that they would be playing into Mario’s hands.

Andrew interrupted her and said, “No buts, let’s go!”

Soon the three of them arrived at the F.K. International Hotel. It was already filled with cars and was crowded. Many heard that Ray was coming and was here all ready to take a glance at him.

Nowadays, a rich and powerful person’s appearance was more of importance than celebrities. Not to mention that this man had a net worth of tens of billions.

guys trying to get

The moment they got out,

Go where?”

was vexed, she said, “You faked that invitation card. The checker will be able to immediately

Ms. Clark?” Cayden and

looked uncomfortable the moment she

like that, Ms. Clark?”

said, “Participating in the conference. And

laughed wintrily and said, “Am I hearing things or are you spouting nonsense? Participating in the conference

front of them. Emily’s heart skipped a beat when she saw that invitation

to see this invitation card before and made an exact

Oone can only enter with this. Do you guys have one?” Jason talked down to

why else would we be here?” Andrew took out the two invitation cards

aback., Tthey looked at each other all puzzled. But Cayden then said,

we can go in or not. Are yours

Their families had at least a billion in assets, Cayden’s family had a bit less, but Jason’s

for you inside,” said Jason arrogantly to

walked proudly with

they reached the entrance and showed their invitations, they were

may not enter

he thought he was hearing things. He asked shockingly, “Why?

Mr. Fraser’s precious guests and

puzzled, they looked at

Deputy Commander of Division at

Webb, then you guys are the correct people. Please

Andrew grabbed Emily’s hand and

entrance., The the two guards said politely as they saw the invitation cards and said, “Mr. Stone, Ms.

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