Moon Warriors

Chapter 9 The Main Character of Tonight

Andrew prepared her a surprised today and she was quite touched.

But saying that she would be the main character tonight was a stretch. She was afraid that she didn’t have such capabilities and she thought that maybe Andrew was talking about being the main character of his heart.

“Andrew!” Emily looked at Andrew and slightly gulped, she then said seriously, “Thank you.”

Even though Andrew kept lying, he didn’t disappoint her this time.

Even though they wouldn’t be able to be part of Ray’s investment plan, she was content being able to participate in Ray’s conference.

The Andrew right now was good, it would be better if everything he said wasn’t lies.

But unfortunately, she could only wish.

Thinking about that, she voluntarily raised her hand and grabbed Andrew’s warm and large hand. By holding his hand, she felt like what others thought of her didn’t matter anymore.

“Yo, isn’t it the daughter of the Clark family?” asked a man in suit and leather shoes, his voice filled with disdain. This was Maxwell Cook, Jason’s father. He grinned, “The Clark family is gone, are you representing the Martin family today?”

“Maxwell, what are you saying? The Martin family isn’t good enough to come,” said Caleb Reynolds, the fourth son of K City’s fourth most influential family. After the Clark family fell, the Reynolds family rose to third place.

Caleb and Maxwell were on good terms with Peter back then, but they were snobs. When the Turner family was destroying the Clark family, they hid away, not wanting to get involved.

And now that the Clark family was gone, they came and mocked Emily.

“Maxwell, Caleb, are you guys mocking me?” Emily looked at them and asked.

She could stand the people from the Martin family mocking her, but she wouldn’t take it when people like these who weren’t even related to her kicked her when she was down.

“Of course not, what are you saying? We just wanted to ask how did you enteredget in.”

“You two, do you remember me?”

down. They leered, “We do., Yyou are the son-in-law who leeches off the Clark family for more than 10 years. What’s your name again? I don’t seem

closer to the both of them and smiled slightly as he said softly, “I’m Andrew. I’m back to make the people who contributed to

firmly and

who were left behind, their

Maxwell said angrily, “What the heck? How dare

here. They are not qualified to be

Caleb found a security guard on duty and yelled at

they were talking about Andrew. His face turned grim and he said coldly to Maxwell and Caleb, “I

Cook and he is


exchanged glances again, they

and they found some seats. Emily couldn’t help but ask, “Andrew, what did you say to them just

just wanted

believe that Andrew could be so gutsy, as those two were from influential

the elites of K City, good morning,” said the host with a bright voice on the stage. He was one of the most

said a bunch of stuff and only then he went into the main

K Cities, Louie Turner of the Turner family, David Webb of the Webb family and Cruz Reynolds of the Reynolds family, were there too. Louie Turner

sitting up there dealt with each other

was a man who looked like he was in his 30s. He was in an army uniform and his face was stern. He

guest of the day. He is the

was in awe seeing that he was already the Deputy Commander of Southland at such a young age. What was this place again? Why did somebody like that come to the unknown K City? Mr. Fraser had to be a very respectable person for being able to invite

were two people among the crowd stealing glances with each other,

Deputy Commander of Southland

whole army in Southland and can move the army around as he

open wide upon hearing him

that is comparable to a general

was saying. Emily then observed Phoenix who was on the stage

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