Moon Warriors

Chapter 10 The God of War In The Army, The Weapon Of The State

At this moment, time seemed to have frozen, and the surrounding became incomparably silent. No one was talking, and everyone was holding their breath waiting for the host to read out the "lucky winner".

Of course, everyone's eyes were also on the lucky winner.

But five seconds, ten seconds passed, the host still did not read out the name.

The host looked at the name on the paper in amazement. This was indeed too incredible.

He knew that this was an investment conference for the Turner family, but he didn't know why the Turner family's name was not on the paper.

"What's going on here? Why did he stop reading?"

"Could it be that the microphone is broken?"

Some people who were impatient began to speak. Following the increasing number of people asking questions, the venue instantly became chaotic.

In order to relieve the embarrassment, the host could only say, "Today, Mr. Fraser's partner is the head of the number one family in K City, Louie Turner. Let's welcome Mr. Turner."

He didn't know which part had gone wrong. But he could never go wrong by saying that.

As soon as he finished his words, congratulatory applause rang out from the scene.

Louie also stood up and gave a victorious smile.

"Let's go, Andrew." Although she had long known this was the end, before the name was announced, Emily had to admit that she still held out hope that a miracle would come to her.

Now, she was utterly desperate.

How could such a good thing fall into her lap? It was already a miracle in itself that she got in.

Andrew, however, took her by the arm and said calmly, "No hurry, just wait and see. Maybe a miracle will happen."

Emily frowned and said, "Don't worry., I'll go talk to Grandpa. If he doesn't agree, we'll go out and live on our own. I promised my dad I wouldn't abandon you."

Andrew's heart shook. These were the warmest words he had ever heard in his life.

by Emily's words, Andrew was willing to give her the

had already bowed, stood

A deep, booming, masculine voice sounded.

your trust. You can rest assured that the Turner family will do their best to cooperate with you. In K City, as long as

helped Ray up. He looked at the host on stage with an unhappy face and asked, "Did you make a mistake? What I value most in my life is reputation, and I cannot tolerate any

to those on stage. What was Ray up to? Wasn't the note

Ray's stern questioning, the host's sweat soaked through his clothes, and

stammered, "Mr. Fraser, I, don't quite understand what you

sure you don't understand?" Ray's

mess with the Turner family, but he

hurriedly said, "No, no, no, I just read it

family? What? What

not be the Turner

a red face, "Actually, the person who is working with Mr. Ray

scene was silent, and

Emily, she also doubted her own ears. Only Andrew, he already knew

the silence, there was a clamor. Those in

family. His family's

"Andrew, is this true?"

incredible! Ever since her father

even more exciting than winning

her smile, Andrew also gave a frank smile.

family to

straight at Louie, who looked livid on the stage. It was

make a mistake?" Louie asked Ray

look at Louie and

you work with anyone here, I won't have any complaints. But why would you want to work with the D.K. Group? It's just a small business that's about to go bankrupt. Besides, they are not even qualified to attend today's meeting. Mr. Fraser,

mean by that? What do you mean by I made a mistake?" Ray asked

didn't dare to argue with Ray. As the richest man in the southwest, Ray was not just rich. After the two finished the conversation,

everyone felt unbelievable, they still

from D.K. Group to speak on stage." The host wiped his cold sweat and

nervous inside. This

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