Moon Warriors

Chapter 11 Mascot of the Whole Family

Walking out of the F.K. International Hotel, Emily's mind was in turmoil.

She didn't leave right away, but sat down by the fountain in front of the F.K. International Hotel.

She didn't know when Andrew left, and she searched the entire hotel without finding him. What was ridiculous was that she didn't have Andrew's phone number or all his contact information, so she had to wait in front of the hotel.

At this moment, she suddenly had a bad feeling that Andrew might have left her?

Or did something happen to Andrew?

He had just offended Jason and Cayden.

With this thought, she felt even more like she was on tenterhooks

"Are you waiting for me?" Suddenly, Andrew's voice came from behind.

"Andrew!" Emily suddenly raised her head and looked at Andrew who was walking towards her not far away.

She exclaimed with joy, "Is it really you, Andrew? Where have you been?"

She quickened her pace and rushed toward Andrew, placing her hands on his arm.

But soon, she felt she was a little out of her element.

Although she and Andrew were married, they had never done what a couple would do.

Although they grew up together, they never even fell in love. She didn't like Andrew very much at first, but she had to accept this fact because her dad forced her to.

It wasn't until they had their wedding that she slowly came to terms with the fact that she was married to Andrew.

In response to this move by Emily, Andrew was also amazed in his mind.

This was the first time since the marriage that Emily had taken the initiative to be intimate with him.

"Andrew, where did you just go? I can't even find you." Emily asked, with some irritation.

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directly gifted Emily with a set of kimono embroidered with gold

silk kimono that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Martin family for hundreds of years. It has only been passed down

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