Moon Warriors

Chapter 12 Go Away

The early next morning, Eden and his son, Mario came to find Brian.

“Father, Emily really regards the D.K. Group as her father’s! She has suppressed her indignation for half a year in the Martin’s family just because that she wants to be able to retake the D. K. Group one day!”

“After she got the cooperation opportunity yesterday, she didn’t mention half a word about Martin’s family in what she said. Obviously, it means that she doesn’t consider Martin’s family as her home at all!”

Mario said hurriedly, “Yes, grandpa, don’t you think it’s strange as Andrew came back during this time? Perhaps the two of them are plotting to take over the D.K. Group as their own. When they take control of the power, probably the Martin’s family will belong to either the Clark’s family or the Stone’s family!”

Brian kept his eyebrows furrowed, in fact, he was also thinking about this issue beside them.

Although Emily was his granddaughter, she was an outsider after all.

How could they be reconciled to such a prospect if the Martin’s family’s property belonged to the Clark’s family one day?

“Then what kind of solution do you have?” Brian asked seriously.

“Grandpa, Ray Fraser must have seen the prospect of our company so that’s why he is willing to invest in us. Thus, it should be the same for anyone to sign this contract. I think you can leave this to me, then it is sure that Martin’s family will be able to stand firm in the future.”

Mario’s words influenced Brian who later nodded thoughtfully and said, “Mario, grandpa has always been treating you as the heir of the Martin’s family and I hope you won’t let me down this time.”

People are selfish and Brian had no exception. If both Mario and Emily could do this, he was more willing to leave it to Mario.

“Don’t worry, grandpa, I will definitely not let you down.” Mario said confidently.

Mario was in an extraordinary good mood after he walked out of Brian’s house.

Emily, how dare you fight with me?

By the time he walked out of the Martin’s family and was just about to get into his car, he saw Andrew and Emily who seemed to find Brian.

“Where are you guys going?” Mario asked maliciously.

Emily planned to ignore him.

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