Moon Warriors

Chapter 13 the Attitude of Begging

As Mario was surprise by these words said, he shouted with eyes wide open, “What? You want me to piss off? Is this what Aleksander said? Do you know that I...”

As he was about to finish his sentence, he quickly stopped talking. This was because the strong man was staring at him furiously.

“Never mind, you guys let me in and I'll talk to Aleksander myself.”

After saying that, he was about to barge in.

“What do you want to do? Get out when I tell you to get out. You want to cause some trouble?” The guard drew out an electric baton.

“Are you deaf?” The guard shouted again.

“No, no, you're just two guards. I've been waiting for Aleksander for the entire day. I must meet him...” Before he could finish his sentence, the guard grabbed on to Mario.

“Are you deaf?” As he said that sentence, he threw Mario out.

“Hurry up and get out.”

Mario stood up furiously and cursed, “You win this time.”

After returning home, Eden and grandfather, Brian, were there, and Brian asked, “Mario, how did it go? Did you get him to sign the contract?”

Mario was angry and wanted to cry. However, he definitely could not talk about what happened today, so he could only say while being thick-skinned, “Aleksander said that I should go see him tomorrow.”

“Alright, that’s good, as long as you can get him to sign the contract, you will be the pride of our Martin family in the future.”

Mario nodded his head with a bitter smile.

He remained think-headed and went to beg for three days. However, in exchange for his dedication, the result his got was being told to get out.

He finally could not hold it in any longer, so he went home to vent his anger.

“What? He wanted you to scram?” Brian looked at Mario in surprise.”

He nagged so much that he wanted to smack Mario a few times in that instant, “You punk, you're really not good enough to accomplish anything.”

“It’s not that, grandpa. I think that Emily must have given him some benefit. Otherwise, how could he not sign the contract? I knew that Emily must be relying on the fact that she has good looks, so that's why...”

“You should shut up!” Brian shouted angrily.

Emily to come over.” Brian sat down on the chair,

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his son, “Father, Mario also just wanted

glared at Eden with hatred and roared, “This is all because of the good

In the future, Mario won't cause you any more

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your grandfather too much, we are living with them after all. He gave us a place to stay and

I know.” Emily

the conversation between the two, Andrew expression changed and he

and Emily looked at Andrew

tell you.” Andrew put down the bowl in his hand with

based on Andrew’s expression that he was serious and nodded her head, “What is it? You may tell

come over to find you and tell you to go to the conference room. If his attitude is bad, you must not go. People like

bit confused so she asked, “What is he coming

wants to bring you to help sign the contract.”

in bewilderment and asked,


Remember, don't agree to Grandpa's request, you can only agree to it if I

after eating during these days? You're such a big man, even if you don't want to work to support your family, that’s fine. However, you don’t even help Emily, isn't Emily’s matter important to you?” After rosa had kept in her anger for a few days,

I really have something very important to do. You can tell me anything after I come

saying that, Andrew just walked

this for the past few days. He kept going

Andrew, he’s a bit unbelievable.” Rosa muttered in a very

serious tone, “Mom, maybe he really had something to

that, Emily still held a grudge against Andrew’s

why did he say that Mario would come to the door to beg for herself

of someone knocking the door

“Rosa, it's me, Mario.”

of voice carried a sense of displeasure and

and Rosa looked at each other,

her while looking at Emily and spoke, “Hey, Emily, Grandpa wants you to go to the conference room to have a meeting

and gave a sigh, saying,

do you mean? Grandpa told you to go to the meeting.

you should be here to beg for my help,

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