Moon Warriors

Chapter 14 Andrew is a Waiter

Looking at Mario’s disgruntled expression, Emily was about to burst into laughter. For these past six months, she finally felt a hint of pleasure.

But she didn’t plan on paying Mario any attention.

“Come on, cousin, I’m begging you. Grandpa and your uncles are all waiting for you. I promise, if you’ll go, I’ll never talk back to you again. Whatever you tell me to do, I’ll do it.”

The second she heard this, Emily was elated, and said, “Alright, then get out of here!”

Mario’s expression grew dim. He bitterly smiled and asked, “Then, will you come?”

“Get lost!” Emily said in a cold tone.

Mario walked out in a humiliated manner. Right now, he felt like he wanted to kill Emily.

She told him to get lost!

But he didn’t leave right away. Since he was here to beg for Emily’s help, if he wasn’t sincere, there was no way she’d go to the meeting, and grandpa would definitely skin him alive.

After a while, Emily also came out; she told Mario, “Sometimes, you can’t be too proud as a person. You might end up asking for help sooner or later as well.”

“What was before won’t always stay the same. I hope you’ll remember well what kind of state you are in today.”

After she was done speaking, she headed into the Martin family’s conference room.

Mario looked up and glared at Emily. There was no way he’d let Emily off the hook for this.

Emily got a good look at the Martin family. None of them treated her like a member of the family.

The second she entered the conference room, everyone’s expression was odd. Each one looked very enthusiastic and was full of smiles.

Sure enough, the moment she sat down, grandpa cut to the chase and asked her directly, “Emily, the reason we called you here today is to ask you when you will go sign the contract with Mr. Fraser. How come we haven’t seen you these past few days?”

this settled early; what if they retract on their offer. These days, there’s word

two of them, and said bluntly, “Grandpa, didn’t you ask cousin to go

said this, Brian’s face instantly turned red. He quickly added, “What, that’s not

Mario and said, “Him; he said so himself.”

a death stare over at

he laughed and said, “I was worried that you’d be too tired! So I asked Mario to help you out. After all, he’s your cousin;

mind; help her out? Where was he to help her out when she was still working in the office? Now that she was


sign. You guys are quite capable, no? Go sign it yourselves.”

anymore; he clenched his

out, “Emily, it’s my fault. Since we’re all family, please, don’t fight

Emily and always talked down on her. But now, even he knew he

has always taken care of me and my mother. I don’t want to hassle you all, but I just want to get the respect I deserve.”

said, “Of course, of course; we’ll definitely respect you

I want to see how you all behave.” Emily learned from Andrew to hold

I could have signed, would we come to ask you? It’s because we’re giving you face that we asked you to come. You’ve been living

stood up

a slap to the face

doesn’t even respect

Emily is getting way

and see; we still need her, so that’s why she’s acting

Martin family’s conference room was filled with

in anger. He took a deep breath and said, “Which

any way, you all have to convince Emily

Brian got

she left the conference room. Never did she expect that she’d be able to act high and

to suppress her. Today, she was

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