Moon Warriors

Chapter 15 Who Is Andrew Stone?

She opened the voicemail that was sent by Mary Harvey. Mary said, “Emily Clark, this seems to be your husband. I just walked past Wanzhonglou and saw him accidentally. Is he working at Wanzhonglou as a waiter?”

After listening to Mary’s words, Emily felt her heart stabbed by a knife.

Then, she stood up and rushed to Wanzhonglou hurriedly. When she arrived somewhere near Wanzhonglou, she saw Andrew who was wearing the waiter’s uniform resting at the second floor.

She did not expect that Andrew was working as a waiter and did not let her know.

She took out her phone and called Andrew. He picked up her call quickly.

“Andrew, where are you?” asked Emily.

Andrew replied, “Oh, I am dealing some issues outside. Anything?”

“Nothing. Can you tell me your location?”

“Mine? I am going back soon. Are you going to tell me something?”

“Nothing. Can’t I call you for no reason? Come back earlier then. I will hang up the call.”

After finishing talking, she hung up. Then she could not bear to look at Andrew again. Her heart was filled with the feeling of unsettling and discomfort. Why did he rather work as a waiter than seek help from her?

Perhaps this was Martin family’s attitude on Andrew. Since Andrew was a man, men usually kept their troubles with themselves.

Before leaving Wanzhonglou secretly, she looked at Andrew again.

After finishing tidying up, Andrew received a call from Phoenix Morgan.

“Andrew, Emily went out shopping today.”

“Oh? Where did she go?”

jewellery store and

“Alright, noted.”

hanging up the call, Andrew immediately rushed to

Emily’s birthday was around the corner, he would

in K City but it was a place that sold the most expensive jewellery. This place was not the jewellery store for normal citizens but for the rich. The boss,

looking carefully at Andrew. He did not look like a rich man because of

you coming here to buy something? Or looking for someone else?” One of

for a

wondered Andrew knew that simply not anyone can buy things in Dorsett. So, she asked, “Then, do you have

his head,

the wrong place. Our products here are very expensive and we will not sell it to you if you do not have

this, Andrew’s face changed. This saleswoman

was going to speak, there

What happened? You

was with some other women that

a factory on building materials and could be considered as a medium enterprise which had the assets of almost ten millions. She was Emily’s schoolmate in high school. In Andrew’s memories, both of them were good

you know how expensive the products here are? Perhaps you can’t even afford to buy a gift after working as a waiter for

waiter, that’s

many ridiculous people.” Both of the saleswomen muttered with provoking expressions

did not even know when he

on the street might be more suitable for her. They just cost

saleswomen were laughing

family faced difficulties, she looked down on Emily from the bottom of her heart. Apparently, they were

looked at Mary and said, “My wife definitely has to wear the most expensive jewellery because she is always more

love your wife so much! Emily and you are

ignored her and

few steps, both of the saleswomen blocked

his head and asked, “What do

mean? You, a waiter, why are you here? Do you know how expensive our things inside?

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