Moon Warriors

Chapter 16 Let’s Sleep Together Tonight?

Three years ago, Archibald often negotiated cooperation with the foreigners in the North Region. It was unexpected that he was kidnapped and being held hostage by the terrorist. Just when everyone around him was killed and when he felt hopeless, Andrew appeared.

The terrorist army was arrogant and despotic but they saw Andrew, they were so terrified. Later, Andrew could wipe out the entire terrorist army by himself. The scene, he saw it by himself.

Perhaps Andrew did not recognize him but he did not dare to forget it for a single moment.

“Benefactor, I’m really sorry for what happened just now.”

“That’s alright.” Andrew replied calmly.

“Yes,Benefactor. You wanted to buy something for someone?”

Andrew’s face looked calm and there was not any single wave.

“My wife.”

“Oh?” Archibald was a little surprised while making discreet inquires at the opposite side. He then said, “It was unexpected that someone like you would get married as such a young age! Perhaps your wife is a stunning beauty.”

Andrew laughed modestly and said, “It’s alright!”

“Since you’re giving it to your wife, please follow me. Your wife, how are those ordinary products suitable for her.”

The lowest price for the items that was sold outside was 300,000 Chinese Yuan. Some were even up to 10 million Chinese Yuan.

But everything seemed to be ordinary when Archibald talked about it.

a special secret room, when the door was opened,


has a lot of treasures.” Andrew praised

hobby, if I see something nice., I will keep it as a collection. The items are not just from me. Some were left behind by

countryside a few years

if you like some one, just take

not considered as rare items. But if they are valued on the market today, I

chose two items. One of them was an extremely rare bloody red jade and another was an emerald worn for wealthy

lots of emeralds sold on the market but the

said, “This is a piece of priceless treasure. You really have a good choice as you spot one of

I going too

hurriedly, “No, no, no. It’s the honor of this

of the palace. She passed it on to her descendant after she passed away. They thought that it was like a treasure and

jades. Naturally, he

only 3 pieces of rare red jade, all

the items, Archibald wanted to invite Andrew for a dinner, he


if her mind was gone to nowhere. It

When she remembered about her family’s attitude towards Andrew, she felt

this moment, the door was opened and Andrew walked in

saw Emily sitting on the sofa, she was wearing only a thin pajamas.

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