Moon Warriors

Chapter 17 Two Requests

Right after asking him, Emily’s face turned red.

During this period of time, Andrew had been sleeping on the sofa. Although he had married Emily, Andrew went to serve as an army after that, so both of them had never slept in the same room.

Andrew was a man. He also had men's normal physiological needs, especially when he had a beautiful and sexy wife like Emily, who didn't want something to happen.

However, he was a soldier, and he knew that he couldn't do that now. Before Emily fell in love with him, he would not do anything beyond the boundary.

So he swallowed his saliva and said, “Okay. I’ll sleep here.”

Emily frowned and snorted, she said unhappily, “Whatever.”

Then she closed the door, she leaned against the door and stomped her feet in anger.

This was so embarrassed. She was rejected unexpectedly by wanting Andrew to come to sleep inside the room.

Emily looked at the paved floor and she stomped on it again.

Although she was going to let Andrew come in and sleep inside the room, it was not like what Andrew thought. She would have just let Andrew sleep on the floor.

Emily was lying on the bed and she kept tossing and turning around on the bed. She couldn’t fall asleep.

When she finally fell asleep, suddenly there was a knock on the door from outside.

“Emily, your grandfather, uncle and cousin are here.”

“What?” Emily got up in a hurry.

Before she could wash up, she saw her grandfather, uncle and cousin sitting on the sofa.

As soon as they saw Emily, Brian said with a smile, “Emily, are you sleeping?”

uncle, Mario!” Emily greeted all of them and looked at Andrew in the end.

He didn’t show

“Emily, you are well-aware of the situation in our family now. I hope you don’t hold a grudge against me for

can I hold a grudge against you? You are my elderly

I was being inconsiderate to let your cousin to follow up on behalf of you. However, I do it for Martin family's sake as it is better to sign the contract as soon as possible. Who knows that they might break their promises? Emily, how about this, as long as you promise to go to sign the contract, I will satisfy anything that you want, as long

to speak, Andrew said, “Sure, Emily would like to have 51% of the

was stunned by Andrew’s words

Group, it meant that

looked at Andrew in

she never thought of taking

hold a lively birthday party for Emily. You must invite all the famous and rich families

Eden Martin, Mario Martin, Emily

expect that Andrew would make such

dare to invite all the famous and rich families in K City to his birthday party,

in shock and then looked at Andrew and asked, “Emily, is it what you

embraced Emily, he said, “Yes, this is what Emily

a son-in-law who married into the family, how can you

didn’t speak, he asked again, “Emily, is this

nodded firmly, it seemed like he

and said, “What Andrew

took a deep breath and stared at Andrew angrily. As

Emily with resentment on their

saw a pair of fierce, murder-eyes from Andrew’s eyes. These eyes were the eyes which had experienced the battlefield for a long time. He had seen such

did not dare to look directly at this kind of eyes, finally,

request which is to hold a birthday party for Emily and invite all the famous and rich families to attend the birthday party. However, for the first request, I can’t give 51% of the shares of D.K.

doesn't matter if you don't agree with the first request, we won't sign the contract. I can take Emily and Rosa

surprised. Andrew’s words

he had a job now, but he was just working as a waiter now, he only got a few thousand a month. Even if he worked two jobs, he might not even have enough money

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