Moon Warriors

Chapter 18 Isaac Turner Arrived!

Three days passed in a flash. Andrew still came to Wanzhonglou to force out the bad blood in his body.

Behind him stood a sturdy man. It was Phoenix!

"Commander Stone, things are all arranged, and everything is waiting for Madam's birthday."

"Good," Andrew replied with his eyes closed.

Phoenix looked at Andrew. He wanted to speak but stop on second thought.

"Do you have anything else?"

After being seen through by Andrew, Phoenix hurriedly said, "Commander Stone, is Madam really that important to you? Would it be inappropriate for you to make such a big show? K City is only a small place after all."

Andrew snapped open his eyes. His cold eyes were like a hunting falcon.

Phoenix was scared. He hastily lowered his head and said, "I'm sorry, Commander Stone. I didn't mean to offend Madam."

"Phoenix, remember, the only person who has been good to me in this world is her. Everything I have now, I will use to make it up to her!"

After saying that, he took a deep breath and asked, "By the way, what's going on with the Turner family now?"

It’s in the Turner family.

Isaac Turner was sitting in the hall of the Turner family. Beside him sat a middle-aged man dressed in military uniform.

The middle-aged man's face was grim and his eyes were cold and firm. It was clear that he was a man of position.

Isaac Turner said with a cheerful face to the uniformed man beside him, "Asher, our Turner family has survived in K City for hundreds of years and has never encountered such a big humiliation. You must help me to settle everything."

Recently, the Turner family had one incident after another. Many businesses had been hit hard since Albert's feet were cut. In the past few days alone, they had lost up to five hundred million.

Now he had to call his own brother, Asher, back to revive the Turner family. Asher was a soldier, vice president of the Southwest Subregion, a three-star general, and the strongest backbone of the Turner family.

Asher put down the book in his hand and asked, "Are you suspecting Andrew of doing this?"

family was

simple. He enlisted in the army five years ago. I have investigated his information. He is just an ordinary soldier, who is discharged from

saying that someone else is messing

eliminated. Since he has hurt people of our Turner family,

attend Miss Clark's birthday party." A subordinate came up with

exchanged a glance with

Martin family invited all of the gentries in K City to a banquet for Emily, as promised, and many

that Emily had received an investment from Ray, the richest man in the Southwest, at the F.K. International Hotel was known

a few of K City's

the Martin family would definitely be prosperous in

"Caleb, president of Tenda Real Estate,

president of the Read Group, came


aloud from outside who had

the Martin family had so many guests, so of course, they had to

the room and kept calling. Today was her birthday. In fact, she didn't care how many celebrities came to congratulate her, and what she cared about was why

is switched off..."

surprisingly Andrew was still missing. She didn't know

you doing? There are many guests outside. You hurry

threw away the phone and asked, "Mom, have you seen

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a conversation, the receptionist read loudly, "The head of the Turner

Emily and Rose's bodies shuddered. Isaac Turner was also

the Turner family was involved in the way the Clark family had become. They were just surprised that the head of the Turner family, Isaac Turner, was already behind closed doors. Unless it was something

Emily's birthday party. Did she make too much of a fuss

Martin family were shocked. The already grand scene was made even grander by the fact that the Turner family also came. And it was the

could make K City City shake just by hearing his

company, this did not affect the image of the Turner family in the minds of

jaw dropped as he looked at Isaac Turner, and his eyes were about to fall off. He had sent an invitation to the Turner family, but he did not expect Isaac Turner to

family really going to rise? They even invited

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