Moon Warriors

Chapter 19 the Deputy Commander of Northwest, Junior Phillips!

Brian relaxed his deep frown knowing that this person was here for Andrew.

He didn’t think much about Andrew. It didn’t matter if this person was here or not, but it was best if he wasn’t.

He quickly nodded and said, “Yes, there’s someone called Andrew here. He’s my granddaughter’s husband.

Isaac sat down on a chair. He pulled out another and signaled the other man to sit down as well.

Everyone now looked at the middle-aged man. He was in an army uniform and he had an authoritative aura surrounding him. He definitely looked like a person of status and power.

Isaac pointed at the man beside him and introduced him, “This is my brother. He is the Deputy Commander of the Northwest region, one of the Three-star Generals.”

Everyone was exclaiming in awe. The Three-star General, the Deputy Commander of Northwest. This person was considered a very influential person in H Country. Everyone knew that the Turner family was a big-gun in K City because they had impressive people behind their back, but they didn’t know that the people behind their back can be so mighty. The person was the Three-star General of H Country.

Three-star Generals normally stayed in downtown, they barely would come over to a small area like K City.

Emily was standing on one side. She frowned as she looked at this man, she then looked at Isaac.

She couldn’t help but phoned Andrew, but Andrew’s phone was turned off.

What did he do?

Why was a general after him?

Northwest, could it be that Andrew did something wrong when he was in the army?

Emily had so many questions in her head!

Asher glanced at the crowd arrogantly. He then put on a straight face and said, “Andrew Stone. He joined the troop in the Northwest region 5 years ago and violated the regulations in the military. He then escaped when he was imprisoned. We are here today representing the Northwest region to bring Andrew Stone back to the headquarters for judgment.”

“If the Martin family hides him, you guys will be punished by law as well!”

Brian’s face turned green hearing the word “punished by law”.

A fugitive of the military. One could risk going to jail hiding someone like that.

Brian was a wise person, he knew what this meant.

Emily heard that and felt like firecrackers were going off in her head. She felt dizzy hearing the explosions.

Andrew violated the military regulations!

could he

What happened?

mean?” Rosa whispered to Emily

recovered from her shock and shook her head as she said, “I,

people from the military are here for

Call him immediately and ask him

and said, “He turned off his

Unreachable phone, fugitive!

these people were here for him


be here on an important day

last few days, and that he was about to get captured. He might be

to compete with him


sad face, “Mr. Turner, this has nothing to do with me. He is the grandson-in-law of Martin’s family, but we

like this, it was important

Where is he?” asked Brian as he looked at

looked at Emily at the same time. Emily’s heart was beating fast, she

that Andrew was

Turner is asking you a question. Are you deaf? Do you want

knew that Andrew was problematic, and yet you still wanted to be with him, calling him your husband and saying that you couldn’t live without him. Great, turns out he’s a fugitive. I bet he was here

such a bastard, how dare he

at once and couldn’t take it anymore. She shook her head and said, “No, I

multiple times, how could he

Emily couldn’t

nervous, he added oil to the fire and said, “Evidence? There’s no need for evidence. The general is here in person, this

can you still protect that fugitive at a time like this? Would you only feel good if you


stood up abruptly and howled at Emily,

towards the

after he gave his

Instead, there was a weird engine sound, as if something was hovering on top of

rushed into the house,

helicopters in the sky, and more than

bomb, everyone on the scene turned

They were shocked the

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