Moon Warriors

Chapter 20 Andrew Stone? The Commander and the God of War!

The man landed on the ground, he raised his hand and signaled his troop to stop.

It felt like time and space was at a halt.

It was instantly quiet, so quiet that it was terrifying.

The man didn’t say anything. He raised his head and looked at the shocked and tongue-tied people in front of the Martin family’s house entrance staring at him.

He took large strides and walked towards the crowd. The warriors stared at his back. This was their god, the legend of the H Country.

And it was nobody else but the son-in-law of the Clark family, Andrew Stone!

Andrew stopped in front of Asher. Asher was still in a daze and was out of it.

Emily and everyone from the Martin family were stunned! Nobody could recover from this shock.

After a long while, Asher finally snapped out of it. His face was changing colors as he looked at Andrew and asked, “Who in the world are you?”

“What do you think? Who do you think I am?” asked Andrew casually.

And then, a strong man walked over.

The domineering man took large strides and the moment he walked over, the atmosphere inside the Martin family turned even heavier.

He stopped at the entrance and looked around. In the end, he locked his gaze at Asher, who was also wearing an army uniform.

Asher was scared to death. He quickly stood up straight and saluted with a stern face.

He yelled, “Northwest Subregion Deputy Commander, Asher Turner, here!”

Junior was the Deputy Commander of the Northwest Region. He was from the mysterious and powerful Seven League. He was well-known.

And Asher was only a Deputy Commander of a Subregion. Their status was too far apart.

Asher might not know Andrew, but he couldn’t not recognize the Four-star Deputy Commander from the battlefield ! He was indirectly his superior!

Everyone thought that Asher, the Three-star Deputy Commander was crazy powerful enough, but there was someone with an even higher status than him!

Junior ignored him and stood in front of Emily. He held a box and bowed 90 degrees, he said, “The Deputy Commander of Northwest Region, Junior Phillips. I am here under the command of the Commander to celebrate your birthday, madam. May you be forever young and here’s a thousand years old ginseng!”

changed slightly, she turned

was smiling plainly as usual. There wasn’t much change in expression on

Commander of Northwest Region called her madam. Was Andrew really his

was a very respectful way of referring to someone. It

what position did Andrew

nobody here knew anything either. Only Asher

person whom Junior was referring to as Madam, who else could it be but the god

put the thousand years old ginseng on the table next to Emily with no expression on his

state of shock while the other Deputy Commanders

existed to suppress the other. And every single one of them was

that was to give their wishes to Emily and present

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straight, no matter how they couldn’t comprehend the

Deputy Commander of the Northwest Region was enough to make him tremble, but now 5 of them were here. They were standing

couldn’t stand it anymore, he stuttered, “Well, well, my good sirs, I didn’t know that the Martin family was related to my good sirs. If I were to know,

was suffocating just

Asher was trying to run away, Andrew yelled

with two words, Asher planted his feet

his head and looked at Andrew all terrified. Andrew questioned him with a nonchalant tone, “Didn’t you say that you are going to take my wife away just now? Well, she’s still

voice was soft but every word

wide open. How would he dare to bring her away, at this point he would call himself lucky if he was able


“Misunderstanding?” said Andrew coldly.

I’m not mistaken, you are the one that violated the military

Asher was stunned!

after a big and tall dark-skinned man stood before the crowd. His footsteps were

at Ray’s conference and hence people recognized

they remembered how even Ray treated

Phoenix!” Asher broke out in cold sweat as

said, “You think we couldn’t catch you once

turned green, he looked puzzled as he asked, “Catch me?

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to cry, he was confused, “I really don’t know what I did

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